2016-04-27JAC Presents an All-star Lineup on Auto China with Two New Models

Auto China 2016 was unveiled on April 25 in Beijing. It became an “exclusive” stage for JAC to showcase its brand-new image as the show is the very first one of JAC after its change of the LOGO of JAC Passenger Vehicle. JAC demonstrates its comprehensive strength in branding, product development, sales volume and technology, which are well beyond the expectations of the automotive industry and consumers. It not only becomes a highlight of Auto China, but makes its first step in securing an even more successful year.

JAC with Shield-shaped Logo Debuts on Auto China

On the JAC Day (April 12), JAC released the new LOGO for its passenger vehicles. The familiar Star Logo was replaced by the Shield-shaped Logo, which is of more texture and has more connotations. On this automotive exhibition, JAC vehicles with new logos impress people deeply.

In addition to the exhibition stand of vanguard design, JAC showcases an unprecedented lineup of vehicles under the huge shield-shaped JAC logo. About half of 14 exhibits are brand-new models, demonstrating the exuberant vitality of JAC brand. Stars of Super Idol, a variety show sponsored by JAC, were also present at the exhibition, catching a lot of eyeballs and harvesting rounds of cheers from the audience.

Two New Models Unveiled Together, Targeting at Higher Demand

With upgraded LOGO, JAC Passenger Vehicle also embraced new “hard-currency” members which were displayed in the exhibition. In the first day, JAC presented iEV6S, China’s first pure electric SUV, and M5, the 2nd generation high-end MVP. Though aimed at different markets, the new releases both targeted precisely at the hiked demand within their own market segments.

Except being China’s first pure electric SUV, iEV6S has been acclaimed as “the Best-looking Chinese Electric Car”. With five advantages including elegant appearance, superior performance and high intelligence, iEV6S can provide a brand-new experience for consumers in the new energy automotive market.

M5 came into being following the business upgrading in a new economic environment. Based on the insight of JAC’s experienced technicians of MPV, M5, focusing on “large space, more freedom”, fully enhanced driving experience through improvement in such four aspects as steering, configuration, noise level and interior trim and three details: ventilation, seats and in-car temperature. The integral adjustment redefined the conception of a comfortable high-end MVP and also better catered for business elite with fastidious requirements.

“S3 Speed”: 600 Days Witnessed 300,000 Units in Sales Proving, Popular Cars Marked a Perfect Start

Though much focus was on iEV6S and M5, S3, the best seller of small SUV, still enjoyed undiminished attention. So far, over 300,000 S3 cars are claimed to have been sold, only 600 days after its release, another wonder created in the auto market.

With S3 pioneering, sales of JAC’s SUVs, MPVs, and new energy cars also hiked, marking a perfect start in the first quarter. By March this year, JAC Passenger Vehicle has sold a total of 116,651 cars, up 35.5% over last year.

With New Models Released in Four Business Segments, JAC Passenger Vehicle Flexed Its Muscle
For years JAC kept enhancing its capacity to conduct independent research and development. Once again, all its achievements were brought into the limelight in the Exhibition. New models were rolled out in all the four segments of its business: SUV, MPV, car and new energy vehicle. The expanding JAC “army” is flexing its muscle in all dimensions.

As regards SUV, S3 and S2 are doubtlessly the most sought-after in the market of small SUV. However, JAC knows no end. In the exhibition, it unveiled its concept car, SC-5, demonstrating its absolute confidence to keep expanding its SUV market; meanwhile, aiming at the MPV market where JAC already established itself, M4, more suitable for business purpose, was presented. Together with M3 and M5, it will become a new favorite upon entering a new business era.

As for its car, JAC displayed the new model, A60, which gained quite much popularity. The flagship model of JAC Passenger Vehicle’s new brand looked into the special demand of business elite, thus bound to boost its branding. As to new energy vehicle, iEV6E, an entry-level pure electric model, is also ready for the market after the release of the predecessor, iEV6S.

A New LOGO and two new models already provided enough highlights for the Exhibition. Then a perfect start in the first quarter coupled with exposure of new models in multiple fields offered even more sufficient leverage for JAC to make continuous breakthroughs in 2016. On the stage provided by the Exhibition, JAC not only once again shaped the conception of the automotive industry and consumers, but also aroused higher expectation for its growth acceleration in 2016.

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