2016-04-27Brand Upgraded: JAC Shines on Auto China 2016

Auto China 2016 was unveiled on Apr. 25. JAC, with the theme of "Best Product, Top Quality, Technology and Life ", showcased more than 40 main products which fall into the three segments of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and core powertrains, as well as the latest achievements made under its strategic guidelines of “strengthening traditional competence on commercial vehicles, promoting the quality of passenger vehicles and exerting great efforts in developing new-energy vehicles”.

On the very day of the exhibition, JAC gave launch events at the stands of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles respectively, releasing new vehicles and core powertrains. The launch events also witnessed the signing ceremony with major clients and colorful activities involving stars of Super Idol to warm up the atmosphere.

IEV6S Coming to Market, Gorgeous and Amazing

In the exhibition appeared the first pure electric SUV in China—JAC’s IEV6S, yielding great surprises to the customers while adding its unique splendor into the auto market in China.
Having inherited the technology built up in the development of new-energy cars for 6 generations within 9 years, iEV6S is the key motorcycle model based on JAC’s independent and original R&D system, with 114 patent filings, among which 13 invention patents and 62 innovation patents have been authorized. It can be regarded as a comprehensive evolution of the fifth generation considering its 30 newly increased and optimized functions. Equipped with advanced Samsung 18650 ternary lithium-ion battery, it has an average 251-km range, with its maximum reaching 300 km while ensuring high-performance driving with its 85 KW power and 270 Nm torque output.

Its power performance can remain unchanged in full life cycle with the strategy of “low speed, total pressure and limited power” while in order to address the problem of the shortened driving range in cold condition existing with electric vehicles, JAC has developed the technology of “thermal insulation through battery charging” to ensure the normal driving range even when the environment temperature falls to minus 20℃.

Meanwhile, its high-technology equipment including the 8-inch capacitor touch multimedia screen, smart voice-interaction system and intelligent interconnection with mobile APPs enables smart and green driving experience.

Besides the incredible appearance of iEV6S, another model, the 2nd generation Refine M5 also came to market on the same day, which is aimed at the high-end MPV market. 30 upgrades have been made based on the older model with the philosophy of “7 types of comfort in 1 space”, thereby redefining the standard of the high-end commercial MVP. The improvement of more than 20 quality factors inclusive of NVH, nasty odors in the car, air-conditioning system and MP5 platform upgrading and 10 upgrades of intelligent configuration by adding parking radars, CCS and intelligent voice system bring convenient and comfortable driving and ride experience to business travelers, thus satisfying their new demand for extreme comfort.

GREENJET’s GB5 Diesel Engine Makes a Hit on Market

GREENJET, JAC’s self-produced power brand, officially launched its two newly-developed products, 2.0L and 2.7L GB5 diesel engines in the auto show.

GREENTJET’s 2.0L diesel engine surpasses counterparts in performance with more than 10 advanced technologies integrated into one, including VNT, 1,800 bar high pressure common rail and bypass cooling EGR and so on, which is able to output strong power at 100 kW and 285 Nm and has accumulatively passed performance test of more than 20,000 hours while its outstanding NVH quality could compare favorably with gasoline engines with its ultra-low combustion, mechanicalness and aerodynamic noises.

GREENTJET’s 2.7 diesel engine has been through the reliable road tests of about one million kilometers and has made great breakthroughs in displacement and power performance with a rated power of 112 kW and volume power of 40.8 kW, 5 to 15 percent higher than other counterpart engines while its maximum torque reaches 355 Nm, second to none among the competing products. The engine is extremely environment-friendly and has high fuel efficiency with its minimum full load fuel consumption at 205g/kwh because of the mature application of the 1,800 bar high pressure common rail, inter-cooling, DOC+SCR post-technology, new materials and light weight.

At present, these two China V engines have already acquired the capacity of mass production, realized the full coverage in the core powertrain field and gold displacement segment of commercial vehicles, further enriched the sequence and configuration of the products together with MaxxForce 3.2L and 4.8L China V diesel engines, thereby acting as a driving force for the sales of JAC’s commercial vehicles and laying a crucial foundation for JAC’s “battle for energy conservation and environment protection”.

Product Technology Upgraded, New Product Lineup Formed

Looking back on JAC’s history of more than a half-century, it is easy to find that JAC has a heritage of keeping itself updated by learning and creating. Self-innovation, therefore, has been deeply inscribed on Chinese automotive history with the efforts of JAC, which in turn promotes its development. It is this heritage that drives JAC to optimize every product, seek after new technology and win the hearts of increasing number of consumers.

In the field of new-energy vehicles, JAC has been staunchly persevering in R&D, finally releasing seven generations of technology and two generations of products into the market after 10 years. The total sales stand at more than 22,000 units with satisfying responses from the market on the safety and reliability. Now, JAC has systematically grasped three core technologies in producing pure electric vehicles, respectively in cell module, motors, electronic control and other key technologies such as electric steering and braking, energy recovery and remote monitoring. Breakthroughs have been made especially in technologies of battery thermal management and essential safety management. In Auto China 2016, JAC exhibited all the types of new-energy vehicles, including iEV5, iEV6, iEV6S, iEV6E, iEV7, Xingrui pure electric vehicles and Shuailing i3, i5 pure electric light trucks, the only one among all the exhibitors.

On the stand of commercial vehicles, nearly 20 models of vehicles and core powertrain products made their appearance including light and mini trucks, pickups and MPVs, all living up to China V emission standards, manifesting JAC’s foresight in future technology and auto market under the context of energy conservation and emission reduction.

On the stand of passenger vehicles, the 2nd generation Refine S3 displayed is definitely a starry one, being the champion throughout the first quarter among other rival mini SUVs. Refine S2, an uprising star in the Refine series, has become a new backbone with average sales of more than 7,000 units per month, topping the list of sales of mini SUVs in China. The attention should also be directed to the 2nd generation Refine S5 and the concept car Refine SC-5, which boasts the platinum powertrain of 1.5TGDI plus 6DCT.

In the traditionally strong field of MPV, the group of Refine M3, M4 and M6 with the leader the 2nd generation Refine M5 also make their appearance in the exhibition. In the first quarter this year, Refine MPV has registered total sales of 19,173 units, up 32.86 percent year on year, thus enhancing the advantages of JAC in the MPV market.

JAC set up a special intelligent area in the exhibition hall to showcase its achievements in smart automotive technology, which is the first time ever to be shown in an exhibition. The area has four segments: smart driving, smart interconnectivity, smart interaction and smart services, from which the audience can have an all-around experience of smart applications independently developed by JAC, such as automatic emergency braking, automatic parking, voiceprint identification, wireless charging of mobile devices, virtual keys, etc. These applications ensure a driving feel featuring greater safety, convenience, interaction and interconnection for the customer.

Technology injects vitality to products and connotations to the brand. Catching the industrial trend, JAC has prepared forward reserves in the technological fields of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and intelligence and thus has more strength and more say on brand upgrading. In the future, JAC will stick to its core values of customer-oriented operation, quality-driven performance and down-to-earth approach, manufacturing excellent products and providing every customer with a vehicle true to its worth. We will never flinch in the path of transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China”.

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