2016-04-27New Normal New Thinking New Future JAC Held Its International Annual Conference 2016

This year is the tenth year of JAC international strategy release. On April 23rd, with the theme of "New Normal, New Thinking, New Future", JAC International Annual Conference 2016 was held in the beautiful coastal city Qinhuangdao. An Jin, JAC Group Chairman attended the conference and made the important speech;Xiang Xingchu, JAC General Manager delivered the keynote speech;She Cairong, JAC Vice General Manager as well as JAC International General Manager made the working report. Besides, Alberto Bastardo Venezuelan Minister brought his wife to attend the conference.

Jin Suhua, JAC Assistant Chief Engineer as well as R&D Center Deputy Director, Zhang Peng, JAC Vice Chief Economist as well as JAC International Vice General Manager, and more than 200 global distributors attended the conference.

In May, 1990, the export of JAC 36 light-duty trucks to Bolivia started JAC internationalism. However, after a long time, as what most of Chinese brands did, JAC exports relied on the order-based business because of the limit products and the lack of international business experience. However, from 2006, the release of JAC international strategy started JAC professional international journal.

Ten years cultivation, JAC and its overseas partners have transformed from the original international trade to international business and international marketing-oriented, and as the improvement of products adaptation, the enrich of products and the exploration of the markets, JAC internationalism has become more and more mature. JAC has exported more than 100 products to more than 130 countries and regions with the accumulative sales of more than 39 units, besides; JAC has established more than 19 overseas plants and more than 500 international sales and service network.

An Jin, JAC Chairman, delivered an important speech in the topics of JAC pre-response understanding of business environment, "The 13th Five-Year Strategy", the global industry position of Chinese commercial vehicle and the subsequent development of the passenger cars.
Mr. An pointed out that, the world economic growth had continued to slow in 2015, mainly affecting by the decreasing needs of the target markets. The volume export of China automobile business is at relatively low. In this situation, JAC export had made a contrarian growth, as well as the business structure had continued to optimize, core business stably operated, and the strategic business development was in good momentum. The overall management quality is located in the forefront of Chinese automobile brands. Looking at the10-year development after JAC international strategy releasing, JAC international sales achieved a growth of 10 times, and sales revenue achieved a growth of 20 times, accounting for 11% of JAC sales revenue. JAC international business has made considerable progress.

"With ten years of hard and fighting road, the harvest is not just digital, but the strong friendship establishing with each partner, the satisfaction and identification from hundreds of thousands of international users to JAC." Mr. An emphasized. Through the products and services, JAC brought the pleasant driving experience to global users, and provided the opportunity to improve the quality of life by transport through the low cost and high value solutions for hundreds of thousands of international users. This is lucky not only to JAC, but also the greater coordination system.

Mr. An pointed out that, JAC international business would face more opportunities and challenges in the next 10 years. As an important part of JAC overall strategy, the international business would strengthen the allocation of resources and capacity building, and follow the rules of industry development and requirements to make JAC brand etch deeply in the global markets. It is the mission of international business. Mr. An hoped that all the international distributers would keep up with the pace of JAC and achieve the established strategic objectives through the continuous upgrading of investment and business model.

General manager Xiang Xingchu made a speech on JAC operating situation in 2015 and the key work in 2016. Mr. Xiang pointed out that, the business performance of JAC had made a record with the sale volume ranking the top ten in auto industry under the joint effort of all staff and the cooperating partners. The sales growth both of domestic and international markets is better than the average level of the industry. Throughout the period of "The 12th Five-Year", the economic scale significantly increased, the R&D capability continued to improve, and the overall strength enhanced.

Mr. Xiang emphasized that, JAC will continue to increase the support to deal with the fierce competition in the international market, and promote the healthy and rapid development of international business. JAC will unify their understanding to strengthen the internationalization consciousness and responsibility; improve efficiency to accelerate the pace of products developed simultaneously in domestic and international markets; perfect system to build the quality assurance system of the international standards; intensify strength to actively promote the marketing transformation of the internationalization; deepen reform to provide a more dynamic and competitive enterprise mechanism.

In the working report, She Cairong pointed out that in 2015, when the international political economy experienced large fluctuation; JAC was focused on the important market and important business, and has dominated in Iran and Venezuela; Light-duty trucks were concentrated on the important markets, included a pilot marketing-oriented management, and finally maintained the important markets scale and market share; Around the important region markets, JAC actively optimized the passenger products structure, and initially formed the difference competitiveness of SUV products; As the heavy-duty trucks, JAC has deliberately planned the important markets and fleet exploration jobs, strengthened the channel establishment and products improvement. In the past year, JAC has exported 59000 units with the increase rate of 9% and 29% higher than the industry, and the position in the industry has jumped to sixth from the eighth with the exports coverage rate of 8.1%.

As to the key tasks in 2016, She Cairong stressed that we should actively face the new normal situation and new characteristics of the global economy and the automobile market, and creates the new future based on the customers –oriented operation with new thinking. JAC should strengthen the business collaboration with the global distributors to explore the new business method and new strategy, continuously increasing the global distributor network competitiveness, furthermore, to establish global brand communication platform, innovate the brand building and to explore the digital business platform by making full use of the internet, last but not least, to continuously strengthen the ability of spare parts supply, service guarantee, KD supports to increase the customers satisfactory.

JAC also made an honor to the advanced collectives and individuals from the international dealers in 2015.

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