2016-04-18JAC ‘Media Day’- The Upgrading of JAC Brand

The 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016) will open the curtain on April 25th 2016, and all automakers are undergoing the intensive preparations. On 12nd April, JAC held its ‘Media Day’ in Hefei with more than 40 products including commercial vehicle, passenger car and core engines.

The soaring of JAC passenger car sales volume in first quarter of 2016

In the first quarter,the sales volume of JAC passenger car reached 116,600 units, up by 46.3% compared with last year, achieving a prefect starting of 2016. And the second generation S3 won the Quarterly Sales Champion of compact SUV; The first quarterly increase of pure-electric vehicle up to 776.7%; with the increase of M3, MPVs has reached 38.1% growth.
SUVs is the main force of JAC achieving such a wonderful result. With the second generation S3, S2 and the second generation S5, the sales volume of JAC SUVs reached 27532 units in March and sales volume of the first quarter reached 88945 units, up by 45.96%.

Besides the hot-selling of the golden combination of compact SUV, the second generation S5 also continues to have excellent performance. Equipped with 1.5TGDI+6DCT power combination, the second generation S5 becomes the representative of ‘Technology-Style ’, helping JAC to win more good reputations.

JAC iEV6S becomes a new star of new energy market

The new energy vehicle is also a hotspot of JAC achievements’ in the first quarter. JAC pure-electric vehicle set a new record of 1802 units in March and the sales volume of first quarter reached 4410 units, up by 776.7% compared with last year.

On the basis of the approval of market and government, JAC strengthen its layout of the new energy vehicles. In this year’s Beijing Auto Show, JAC will launch the first mode pure-electric SUV- JAC iEV6S in domestic. As the research result through 9 years and 6 generation upgrading, iEV6S adopts Samsung 18650 ternary lithium battery,

The stable enhancing of MPVs, the second generation M5 conquering the high-end market

JAC has the advantages in traditional MPV market. In March, JAC sold 5102 units MPV and the sales volume of MPVs reached 19173 units in the first quarter, up by 32.86%.

JAC will launch its second generation M5 to conquer the high-end MPV market, which made more than 30 items value upgrade and can satisfy the demand of business person.

The upgrade of core technology, JAC commercial vehicle strengthen its product life-force
The first quarter of this year, the sales volume of JAC commercial vehicle in domestic has breakthrough 57,000 units, up by 20% year-on-year. It has a close contact with brand integrity structure transformation and enhancement of products. Since 2014, JAC commercial vehicle continue to launch new products such as T6, X200, which have a good performance on the market. In this auto show, JAC also bring its new products to our customers.

JAC pick-up (T6) is a hot-selling model in the market. In the media day, T6 exhibited two models: the gasoline and four-wheel drive. And the four-wheel drive is equipped with JAC 2.0 new diesel engine which adopts the electronic control four-wheel drive technology that can easily deal with different poor road conditions.

The essence of brand upgrade is the technology . Opening the history of JAC more than 50 years’ development, we could find JAC has always been learning technology and creating technology. In this media day, JAC release its new passenger car logo from ‘five-star’ to ‘JAC’, which comply with it own development trends as well as a return to one JAC. JAC will always create each product model basis on the advanced technology, perfect management system and improve the spirit of the customer to produce high quality products.

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