2016-04-08President of Paraguay attends JAC passenger car launching ceremony

On 28th March, J2 launched into the market of Paraguay grandly and obtained the great supports from local government. President of Paraguay presented at the ceremony and personally test drove JAC sedan products, and gave high praises to the quality of JAC. Mr. Zhang Peng, the deputy chief economist of JAC Motors, vice-general manager of JAC International made a brief introduction of JAC to guests to make them have a new recognition to JAC.

President of Paraguay and Deputy Chief Economist of JAC Motors

President of Paraguay Test Driving JAC cars

The market of Paraguay is very special in South America. The second-hand cars cover a large market share which reaches 70% and has a low price. It hindered sales of JAC in Paraguay.

In order to respond the policy requirements of Paraguay government to promote the assembly industry, JAC completed 215 units passenger car knock-down delivery at the end of 2015 through half of a year’s preparation. And it arrived in Paraguay in February 2016 and completed the first batch 54 units’ cars assembly in March.

Local mainstream media made a widely report on the launching day which greatly enhance the influence of JAC brand in Paraguay as well as strengthen our confidence.

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