2016-03-02JAC Star Product—S3 Launches into Brazil

On 26th February,JAC star product S3 ( called T5 in Brazil) was hold a grandly launching ceremony in the largest shopping mall Aricanduva Sao Paulo, Brazil. This ceremony attracted a lot of attention from Brazil media, and more than 80 journalists witnessed the public release of S3. As one of the strategic products, S3 has powerful competitiveness such as fashionable exterior, rich configuration, 1.5VVT E100 engine. As early as two years ago, S3 has gained many fans in Sao Paulo International Show.

This launching ceremony has been divided into two parts: media promotion conference and test driving activity. In the product recommended conference, the rich configuration and outstanding performance made media full of praise. And it has been reached the A-class energy consumption as well as its reasonable price made our full of expectation for S3 marketing performance.

After the recommended conference, journalists began the journey of S3 test driving. Starting from Sao Paulo to the beautiful beach activity site, the outstanding performance of S3 made journalists feel very reliable.

In order to satisfy the favor of young customers, SHC invites Brazil popular group Fernando&Sorocaba as the endorsement. They sing a special song for S3 launching in Brazil.

From product development to endurance road test, from authentication control to spare parts integration, from quality enhancement to manufacturing coordination, each link all shows the customer-oriented concept and manufacturing spirit of JAC. We believe that in the future, S3 will achieve good results in Brazil.

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