2016-02-29JAC light-duty truck layouts the green future

Entering into 2016, JAC light duty continues to maintain its way of environmental protection and launches the new models which have achieved great breakthroughs in the field of new energy.

Green pure-electric, JAC light-duty truck layouts advanced

Recently, JAC light-duty truck has been recommended as ‘the pure-electric logistic vehicle of 2016 ’in Chinese truck user survey and selection activities.

Insisting in the independent innovation and advanced technology-driven, JAC light-duty truck has achieved great technology and market advantages in the field of environmental protection and new energy. So the pure-electric truck has inherent advantages in JAC.

As early as 2009 Shanghai Auto Show, JAC exhibited X-series pure-electric truck which aims to urban city short logistics, drawing high attention from industry. The mass weight of this model is 2980kg and the size of chassis is 5025×1626×1990, and equipped with the lithium iron phosphate battery; the highest speed is 80km/per hour and the extended range can reach 150km to 200km, which could completely satisfy the demand of model logistic development.

In 2014, based on the fourth generation pure-electric vehicle research platform, JAC pure-electric light-duty truck successfully launched into the markets of many big Chinese cities.

In the early of this year, JAC light-duty trucks have made a completely enhancement to make its dream of a green world come true by virtue of its environment protection social responsibility and technology upgrade.

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