2016-02-02JAC’s overseas performance in 2015

2015 has closed the curtain, in the past one year, in face of the complicated and rigorous international trade situation. JAC continued to strengthen products power and brand influence. Under the background of the exports of Chinese auto decline 20.01% year-on-year, JAC achieved a contrarian soar and the exports of all kinds of vehicle reached 59,000 units, up by 8.7%, maintaining the leading position of Chinese auto export. On the occasion of the advent of 2016, let's review JAC’s overseas performance in 2015 for an intuitive knowledge of its development in overseas markets.

Key words: The enhancement of products—Hot sale

In 2015, S3 achieved excellent results. It won the nine times monthly sales champion and finally obtained the champion of the second half of 2015 in the segment of compact SUV with the sales of 196,700 units per year. And the new generation S5 released to the market equipped with DCT engine which has obtained good appraisement and recognized by customers.
JAC SUV hot-selling situation extends to overseas market. Since December 2014, S5 2.0T+6MT has made a breakthrough of 10,000 exports volume in Iran after half of one year and ranked the TOP position of the sales of Chinese brand SUV under the supports of local customers. And the compact SUV S3 has also exporteds to overseas markets. On July 15th 2015, S3 was officially on sale in Egypt and acclaimed by customers by virtue of its fashionable exterior, outstanding safety performance and professional brand operation. The sales of S3 continued to rising rise from 30 units per month to over 100 units per month at the end of year, showing a hot-selling legend again in overseas markets.

Key words: Quality and Brand-- Approval

The year of 2015, the honor and accomplishment was were growing with JAC in overseas. Obtaining the government orders and regional honors make the brand of JAC greatly enhanced in international markets.

Quality builds the brand, and JAC gets the admiration from governments. In 2015, JAC took part in the project bidding of Burma construction machinery equipmentsequipment and stood out from eight bidding enterprises by virtue of its excellent products’ quality and prefect service system to successfully bid the procurement of 30 units’ heavy-duty dump trucks. In 2010, JAC got the qualification of A-class foreign aid and attended the Ministry of Commerce foreign aid projects for many time. Since 2010 to now, JAC has exported approximate all kinds of 500 units’ vehicles to several of countries.

Facing increasingly serious political and social situation, Venezuela guard badly needed to improve its outdated equipment to ensure social stability during the elections. Facing so many competitors from European, American and Japan countries, JAC stood outstanding and won 300 orders based on the market reputation and excellent services. In December, Venezuela parliamentary elections was held as scheduled, 300 JAC military vehicles was seen everywhere and put into the guarantee task of parliamentary election.

In the important events, JAC also represents Chinese brands to show itself. December 2nd was the great moment of Lao founding 40 anniversaries, on that day, Lao government held an unprecedented grand parade. As the leading brand of Chinese light-duty trucks, 26 JAC light-duty trucks were listed into Lao government National Day parade fleets relied on JAC reputation in Lao and the joint efforts of the distributors and JAC.

JAC intensive and careful cultivation on the products’ quality and brand have won the high recognition from the local media and customers. During the closing stages of 2015, JAC N-series light-duty trucks were honored as “The Seventh Hong Kong Annual Car-The Most Valuable Truck Prize” The awards were held by the local authoritative CAZ BUYER to praise the excellent automobile brands and encourage the enterprise to go forward and provide the best service to the customers.

Key words: Seize the opportunity Breakthrough

The year 2015 is the key year of Chinese government Belt and Road policy implementation, and all the automobile enterprises made strategic deployment, accelerating the exploration of the overseas markets. JAC as well seized the opportunities, made the deep research and analysis on the policy, and realized great breakthrough on Kazakhstan market. In March,2013, under the witness of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Kazakhstan Premier Masimov, JAC and Kazakhstann SAP company executives signed 《JAC Products KD Assembly Agreement》 in Great Hall of the People, and the first 318 passenger vehicles orders have been achieved and arrived at the customers’ plants.

Looking back to the year 2015, we have seen the steady JAC and it has left its footprints with quality all over the world, and showed Chinese brands’ charming in the international markets with the increasing brand strength and responsible attitudes.

Looking forward to the year 2016, JAC will stick to the value position, and further implement the brand strategy in the international market to become the most competitive global automobile brands!

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