2016-01-19JAC S3- the Sales Champion of Compact SUV in China 2015

At the end of 2015, JAC has achieved the annual sales target in advanced. The sales of JAC passenger vehicle successful broke through 351,900 units, which have passed the annual target of 300,000 units. In each segment market, JAC also made a big harvest. With the help of S3, the sales of JAC SUVs have broken through 250,000 units, up by 254% year-on-year. In November, the sales of S3 achieved 20,000 units and got the champion of compact SUV. Until now, S3 has won seven monthly sales champions, two quarterly sales champions and one semi-annual sales champion, which created the strongest champion record among compact SUV market.

On December 16th, S3 was honored the ‘Best Reputation’ of C-NCAP 2015award from Tian Jing Crash Center. Before this, S3 has been elected as Chinese ‘SAFTY CAR OF 2015’ standing out from 50 candidates which have obtained C-NCAP five star. The ‘Best Reputation’ award was elected through internet platform of ‘World Auto’- ‘Electing the best safety vehicle in your mind’ activity. At last, JAC S3 got 21547 votes and occupied 25% to rank the No.1, and obtained the highest acclamation from industry and customers.

Reliable and safety, customers acclaimed S3

As the most prestigious award in the field of safety, Chinese ‘The Annual Safety Car ’evaluation was strictly based on the data of collision test and fully integrated with vehicles’ active safety performance, which has strong authority, objectivity and impartiality. Standing out from abundant of candidates, it showed the value of S3 as the champion of compact SUV 2015 as well as reflected the recognition of customers to S3.

S3 has been made the systematic and careful whole vehicle CAE analysis in design, and the body frame structure adopted a large amount of high quality and safety materials: the whole vehicle thermoform+ ultra-high strength plate+ using rate of high strength plate ≥50%. Besides, JAC has a strictly spare parts control system. For example, the consistency of steering column crushing force is difficult to control. And S3’s steering column pressure is needed to test on line with 100% to ensure its consistency.

In the configuration of security, S3 is equipped with many activity safety equipment such as ESP, ABS, EBD, HAS and other electronic auxiliary driving system to enhance its safety omnibearing. Besides, S3 has six airbags and is equipped with three-level collapse energy-absorption steering column, anti-slip-down seat frame, front row pre-tight safety belt and other passive safety equipment, which makes S3 can deal with any potential threatens from each direction and surpass the same class vehicles.

The sales champion, acclaimed by customers

Since August 27th 2014 launched into the market, JAC S3 has accumulative sold 221.082 units during the 16 months and maintained the compact SUV sales champion with the monthly sales of 14,000 units. In November, S3 won the champion again with the sales of 20520 units. Now, S3 was honored the award of ‘the best reputation’ which means it’s recognized by markets and customers for its excellent performance and higher cost performance.

JAC S3 is designed to ‘easy-driving’ SUV and owns the excellent whole vehicle comprehensive performance. ESP, HAS, CCS, Automatic Air Conditioning, Tire Pressure monitoring, Multifunction Steering Wheel, ISOfix and other luxurious equipment. In August, the second generation S3 released into the market, it has made 19 items improvements to provide the higher price performance products to customers.

Since it launched into the market, S3 has gained good reputation from authorities and customers. In the future, JAC will continue to enhance S3 in terms of ‘Energy saving, security, environmental protection, intelligent and comfortable’. Listen to the voices of consumers and provide the better products for customers.

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