2016-01-19JAC exported about 292,000 units vehicles during the period of 'the Twelfth Five-year'

Entering into the year of 2016, JAC export business will strive for further improvement. In 2015, JAC exported all kinds of vehicle 59,000 units, up by 8.7% year-on-year. During the period of ‘the Twelfth Five-year’ (2010-2015), JAC had accumulative exported all kinds of vehicle 292,000 units, which is 3.6 times compared with ‘the Eleventh Five-year’ (2005-2010), up by 256% year-on-year. Of course, the accomplishment of JAC is far from those numbers, but the breakthrough of global layout from ‘Number’ to ‘Quality’.

The development of emerging markets

The sustainable development of many traditional and emerging markets brings a bout enormous power to JAC international business development.

In 2011, JAC signed the cooperation contract with Iran local distributors. Through 4 years' market cultivation, the new emerging market – Iran has become one of the most important sources of JAC vehicles exports. The sprung of this market is the striving of JAC on basis of customers' value and grasping of the marketing opportunities.

Iran requires that the exported vehicles need to reach the emission standard of above Euro V. 'This technology hasn't cause trouble for us but become our competitive advantages.'said by the director of JAC Iran marketing and service center. The automobiles exports to Iran are not only conform to the technology requirement but also satisfy the high requirement of Iran customers because those models are the highest configuration.

Numerous of Iran JAC car owners responded that; 'JAC vehicles comfort is very good, control is very cool and the brake is very stable.' Recently, in the strategy promotion of JAC in Iran, the risk control, scale and benefit have made JAC own characteristics.

In those years, with the development of Southeast Asia, South America and other 30 countries and regions around the world, the exports volume of JAC heavy-duty trucks have maintained above 3000 units per year.

In July 2014, good news from the listed emerging market Venezuela. JAC signed the 5239 units' heavy duty trucks purchase contract with Venezuela and the total amount is 274 million us dollars. It is also be called the most largest Chinese heavy-duty truck exports order, becoming the significant breakthrough of JAC in overseas market.

'Venezuela has a very large demand to automobiles. After the automobiles have been produced and entered into 4S shops, they will be sold out. Even so, JAC won't reduce the quality of products because they sell well; Instead of, JAC paid much attention to product quality and shape the good reputation to won the return in local market.' said by JAC International Vice General Manager Mr. Zhang Peng.

Meanwhile, the excellent sales performance of JAC heavy-duty trucks is also in JAC traditional market Qatar. In 2014, JAC heavy-duty truck defeated its opponents and became the Top heavy-duty truck brand in Qatar. JAC occupied the 80% of the market shares.

The Improvement of Quality and Benefit

Opening the exports report of JAC during the period of 'the Twelfth Five-yea', JAC exports volume remained relatively stable, but the quality and benefit have been enhanced.

Like many Chinese export enterprises, JAC was by virtue of its price advantage to avoid the fierce international market competition and obtained the survival and development opportunities in overseas market in the early days of exporting. However, with the upgrade of global consumer market, the customers have higher requirements to products.

'When a product scale reaches the limit, we need design the higher quality products and provide better service for our customers. 'said by JAC North America Sales manager Mr. Xia. Recent years, ASEAN countries have speeded up its economy construction, which made they have a large demand to commercial vehicles. Before JAC N-series truck entering into Malaysia, JAC with local distributors had made 80,000 kilometers test to the sample car and completed 29 items improvements, which was fully considerate of the local hot and humid using environment.

‘After discovering that the end customers would change the original tire to the large thread tire, we equipped our new cars with the large thread tire as standard, which was beyond the users’ expectation.’Zhangjing, the responsible person of JAC Southeast area right-hand markets said, ‘Actually many customers considered JAC N-series light-duty trucks as the best quality light-duty trucks among Chinese automobile brands currently.’

Since launched into the overseas market in 2012, JAC N-series light-duty trucks have reached 80% popularity rate of the exported countries.

Meanwhile, in order to explore the van market in Peru, JAC International team visited drivers of the major stations, and made the investigation on the competitive brands, finally finding that the seats layout of the competitive popular cars were three rows side by side plus one aisle, while the seats layout of JAC vans were two-row seats plus one aisle plus one-row seat, “However, many drivers told us that although the power of the competitive cars are strong, they don’t like that layout.'Xuqing, Sales representatives said, and later JAC sales representatives provided JAC vans sample cars to the drives to have a test-drive with the result that driver preferred JAC vans more than the competitive brands. Finally, JAC van has become a hot sale in Peru.

Good quality products represent higher customers'value, stronger brand appealingness and higher premium capacity, the interest brought will be considerable.

Enthusiastic international team

Talents are the key factors after the business development, especially to the rapid developed JAC International business. 'Twelfth-Five Year'transcript has not only witnessed JAC exporting business development, but also witnessed the growth of JAC international professional talents and the rapid improvement of business service capability.

At the beginning of JAC International establishment, JAC exporting was restricted by its products on one hand, and on the other hand, JAC was lack of international business experience and the exporting order mainly relied on the large business exhibition.' When I joined in the company at the very beginning, we attended the Canton Fair, and we were waiting for the customers to order without knowledge of their markets.'Xia Runbin, the sales manager recalled.

In order to actively explore the overseas market, JAC International firstly teased the global top ten distributors of the local markets, and visited one by one, and that was the beginning of JAC 'Go Out'. 'At that time, there were only ten staffs in JAC International Passenger Vehicles Department in charge of the exploration of the global markets.'Liu Shuna, chief of JAC International Passenger Vehicles Department said. At that time, the difficulty was obvious when the sales person knew nothing about the international market and were lack of the sales business negotiation experience, however, as the rapid development of JAC International exporting business, JAC International talents have changed from waiting for the orders and documentary operation to “Go Out “business negotiation and actively exploring the markets, 'During the negotiation, we can talk about the advantages of JAC, the profit margins, and the return of investment, besides, we also talk about the local markets strategy and detailed business plans.'Xia Runbin said.

'The key characteristics of JAC International talents are the intercultural communication competence, solving problems and creating values.'Deputy Secretary of Party General Branch Wu Ruhao introduced. In the recent years, JAC International has created three kinds of key talents:international business management talents, compound technical personnel and senior international business talents after training, project management and talents bring-in.

Right now, JAC International has more than 300 employees with the average age of 29 years old. It is a young passionate and energetic high-qualified international team, which has undertaken the tasks of the exploration and maintenance of more than 100 countries. Their rapid growth will bring enough power to the sustainable development of JAC International.

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