2015-12-16JAC Trucks exhibited in Mexico Expo Transporte Anpact

On the morning of October 19, JAC International vice general manager Mr. Zhang Peng and Navistar North America vice-president Mr. Tom clevinger and Navistar Mexico general manager Mr. Carlos Pardo attended the Mexico Expo Transporte Anpact as well as JAC new products launching ceremony.

The Expo Transporte Anpact is held by Mexico Automobile Industry Association and ANPACT together, which has a great impact on North America even the whole Latin America. More than 500 exhibitors took part in this auto show including Kenworth, International, Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz and other first-class commercial vehicle brands and approximate 300,000 visitors came to this auto show.

JAC, the only Chinese truck manufacturer with its cooperative partner Navistar competed with other international commercial vehicle bands in the same stage. According to the local market demands and competition conditions, JAC released its N-series light-duty trucks with narrow body, wide body and large wide-body and K-series chassis to Mexico market. By virtue of its special modification like mobile meals bar and excellent Fuel economy, power performance and security, the new products attracted the focus of abundant of professional group purchasers and media.

Since the four products launched in the market of Mexico in the second half of 2015, they have obtained the admiration from Coca Cola, LALA and other fleet customers. This time, JAC launched three latest models – narrow-body, wide-body and large wide-body light-duty trucks into the market of Mexico, which will enhance the sales in Mexico.

After launched in the auto show, the new products of three high-end light-duty trucks LD292,LE399,LG016 recommend conference has been held in each important cities of Mexico.

On 26th November, in Gutierrez, a south city of Mexico, JAC held a spectacular new product recommend conference, which invited local more than 100 customers covering gas and milk logistic industries to on-site experience. The local famous band gave a wonderful performance which makes the recommend just like an exciting party. Through detailed introduction and on-site experience, the customers have great interested in these three new products especially to the powerful dynamic, outstanding comfortable driving and exquisite exterior.

In the next few months, JAC and Navistar Mexico Company will continue to carry out new products recommend conference in other Mexico big cities to enhance JAC brand influence.

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