2015-11-23JAC Exhibits all series vehicles in 2015 Guangdong Auto Show

On 20 November, 2015 Guangzhou Auto Show opened the curtain. JAC with its all series vehicles took part in this exhibition such as S3, S2, M3, A60 and iEV6S, which attracts numbers of visitors.

JAC has obtained a good achievement in 2015. From January to October, JAC has sold all kinds of vehicles 271,000 units, up by 88.7% year-by-year, which has achieved 90% sales target of this year.

New records: complete the 300,000 units sales target one month in advance

In 2015, the sales volume of Chinese auto market dropped sharply. However, JAC became the reprehensive of auto enterprises achieving a rapidly growth, which benefits from its powerful products especially its hot-sales products- S3 and S2 in compact SUV market segment.

JAC S3 sold more than 180,000 units in the first year of launching. On the basis of the first generation S3, the second generation S3 made abundant of upgrades to satisfy customers’ demands. In the process of upgrading, 19 items of improvements was based on the feedback of customers that will help S3 to win a solid reputation and a robust sale. From January to October, the sales of S3 has shot up to 150,000 units and ranked Top 3 in national SUV raking list. JAC S2 by virtue of its marvelous appearance to capture the heart of numbers of 1990s’ customers and the order achieved more than 20,000 units since its launched into market on 31st August 2015.

Thanks to the contribution of S3 and S2, JAC achieved its 300,000 annual sales target one month in advance.

New journey: SUV, MPV and Sedan are upgrading

Standing to the increase of 2015, JAC will continue to enhance the competitive power of its products. SUV: S2, the second generation S3, the second generation S5. What’s more, JAC MPV will undergo a completed new upgrade. Through launching of M4, 2016 M5 and other new products, JAC will cover entry-level to high-end MPVs, improving the market competition.

Besides SUV, MPV, JAC will release the completed new B-class sedan A60 in this auto show. It is designed by JAC Italy R&D center and its sculpt and design concept is synonymous with international trend, becoming a highlight of this auto show.

New energy: the complete of products and supporting

In the field of new energy, JAC has won the good market feedback by virtue of iEV4、iEV5 and other pure-electric vehicles. In this auto show, JAC exhibits its completed new electric vehicle--iEV6S. On basis of JAC many years’ technology accumulation, iEV6S has a good performance of driving experience and range ability.

In the field of electric vehicle supporting facility, JAC has given its own solution. On 15th October, JAC signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Samsung battery. Then, in this auto show, JAC officially signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Potevio-energy. Under this agreement, Potevio-energy will not only provide professional Charging pile installation and after-sales service for JAC customers but also establish the changing network rely on JAC 4s shops all over the country, bring more convenient life to customers.

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