2015-11-16JAC is leading the Trend of Green and Environmental Protection

On October 28th, ‘2015 JAC light-duty truck fuel-saving Challenge ’the finals dropped the curtain successfully in Shanghai. After six months, 6 teams from 5 divisions gathered to contend the national championship. Finally, Hubei Da Dao logistics team won the titles by virtue of its good result – three light-duty trucks’ average fuel consumption of 6L. What’s more, N-series (Maxxforce Power) obtained the outstanding result of 5.9L fuel consumption per 100km.

It is fully proved that the excellent fuel saving performance of JAC light- duty truck. Using expressway, beltway, urban and rural road as the racing track to simulate the really vehicle using condition of logistics users makes the result be reference for using.

North America technology & Fuel-efficient model

To achieve such amazing low fuel consumption, the Maxxforce engine equipped in N-series light-duty truck must be mentioned. Maxxforce 3.2L diesel engine is a newest generation light duty diesel power product that developed by Navistar. This engine adopts Inline 4 cylinder 16 valve structure. The Max.power is 165hp/3000rpm, the Max.torque is 450N.m/1500-2200rpm and the full-loaded the minimum fuel consumption rate is only about 200 g/kW. H. And each performance index ranks the leading position against the same class in international.

Maxxforce 3.2L diesel engine is adopted the Navistar unique very low friction coefficient valve system, leading DAVNT (Biaxial variable turbo), crossing intake and exhaust technology, grading combustion technology with 1800bar high pressure common rail injection system, which make the engine can provide 310 N.m high torque under 1000rpm. It is more excellent than the same-class engine no matter the dynamic, fuel-efficient and reliability that will bring more power and fuel-saving experience for customers. The new light weight design cylinder body and cylinder cover make the whole weight of Maxxforce engine is only 315kg, improving the efficiency of transportation and reducing the fuel consumption.

Energy conservation and environmental protection always lead the industry

JAC commercial vehicle has always at the forefront of the industry. In 2014, JAC had launched the planning layout of National V technology and products. Now, JAC has researched 2.0CTI、2.7CTI、MF3.2、MF4.8 and other new models, which can match 2 ton to 16 ton completed vehicle and satisfy all series trucks demand.

It is worth mentioned that JAC has mastered two National V technology roads at the same time. In the low-end diesel engine, it adopts EGR+DOC+DPF technology road; in 2.7CTI、MF3.2、MF4.8 high and middle emission, it adopts SCR technology. As a leader of Chinese commercial vehicle industry, JAC is actively developing high-end diesel power and low-carbon new energy commercial vehicle which could adapt the more stringent emission regulations.

The exports of JAC light-duty truck has maintained top 1 position for 14 consecutive years

Customers’ acceptance and market performance are the unchanged measuring standards of light-duty truck market achievement. JAC global markets cover South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other 120 countries and regions. The exports of JAC light-duty truck has maintained top 1 position for consecutive 14 years. Especially in 2013, the high-end light-duty truck N-series achieved the excellent success of 50000 units’ sales. It greatly improve the confidence of Chinese auto brands and establish a new benchmark and high-end international image.

From January to September 2015, the sales of national market light-duty trucks fell 8.99%. however, JAC light commercial vehicle seized the new opportunity of market changes and made the products innovation to achieve the sales increase. The latest data reveal that the sales of JAC light-duty truck achieved 17000 units in September, up by 30% greatly against the depression of the whole industry.

Until now, JAC light-duty truck has been sold more than 1.3 million units in high-end market and covered ‘two championship’ of sales and shares. As the leader of Chinese high-end light duty truck, JAC will bring more excellent product to global markets.

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