2015-11-11Challenge of “Sichuan-Tibet Highway Transcendence” Completed Successfully JAC Proved Light-duty Trucks and Pick-up Quality

On October 19th, JAC light-duty trucks and T6 pick-up have arrived in Lasa-the destination of the activity “Sichuan-Tibet Highway Transcendence”, meaning the challenge of “Sichuan-Tibet Highway Transcendence” has achieved complete success.

On October 13th, the challenge motorcade started from Chengdu. Five drives selected from JAC light-duty trucks customers have driven three JAC light-duty trucks and two JAC T6 pick-ups to challenge the “Sichuan-Tibet Highway” within seven days, and the travel 3000 kilometers with the 4000-meters increase of the altitude, fully proving the excellent quality of JAC light-duty trucks and pick-ups.

Tibet road is also called the heaven road, whose altitude is high and road condition is adverse with landslides and other natural disasters. JAC light-duty trucks motorcade met several maintenance sections during the most dangerous section of “Sichuan-Tibet Highway”, however, JAC light-duty trucks and T6 pick-up motorcades defeated the dangerous, went through a pass, and finally successfully transcended the most dangerous section.

When reaching Sejilashan whose altitude has reached 5000 meters, the motorcade encountered snow weather. The dusk felt and the road was slip, but the motorcade broke the snowstorm and arrived at Linzhi at 8 o’clock at night.

The air of the plateau is thin and the automobiles will also experience“Altitude Sickness”, that is out of oxygen, with insufficient combustion and the serious decline of the power. JAC light-duty trucks mountain edition has used targeted designs, which can be well adapted to the plateau and mountains.

Compared with JAC light-duty trucks, JAC T6 pick-up can provide more comfortable driving, the warrior driving T6 pick-up felt more relaxed this time.
Challenging the “Sichuan-Tibet Highway”, the drivers also enjoyed the beautiful scenery and they were impressed with the clear sky, flowing white clouds and the holy snow-capped mountains.

Everyone has successfully completed 3000 kilometers journey and arrived at Tibet distributor’s place. And the distributors welcomed the warriors back with pure white hadda, which was the respect to the challenge spirit and the recognition to JAC light-duty trucks and T6 pick-ups quality.

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