2015-11-06JAC 1.5TGDI Engine Won “2015 China Top 10 Engines” Award, Building Chinese Automobile Industry Benchmark

On the afternoon of October 27, The First China Automotive Engine Technology Conference & 2015 China Top 10 Engines Selection Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. JAC 1.5L TGDI gasoline engine equipping on S5 was crowned the title of "2015 China Top 10 Engines" with its superior performance and quality, standing out from all participating 40 engines. Jin Suhua, the deputy director of R&D Center, attended the ceremony on behalf of JAC.

JAC 1.5L TGDI Gasoline Engine were Awarded in the Only Engine Selection Activity in China

"China Heart" Top 10 Engine Selection is founded in 2006, which is one of the three biggest engine selections in the world, and also is the only automotive power system selection activity in China, representing the technical trend and manufacturing level of the top engine products in Chinese market, highly recognized by the automobile industry, consumers and professional media. Seven associations constitute a strong support for the selection, including China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade---Automotive Industry Committee, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, China Automotive Technology & Research Center, and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute. The Selection established 5 selecting criteria including dynamic index, advanced technology, market performance, energy-saving emission reduction and on-site evaluation. The scientific, rigorous and complete evaluation system made the selecting results more objective and more authoritative.

JAC 1.5L TGDI gasoline engine achieves the perfect combination of cylinder direct injection, turbo charge and DVVT technology, and is a "green power" owning the excellent properties of low fuel consumption, low emission, high power output building based on the world latest technology platform. Its power reaches 128kW, is equivalent to the power of 2.4L gasoline engine in the current market; its power per liter is over 85kW far more than the current industry average, and is in a leading position. The torque reached 251N.m, reaching 2.4L engine level; torque per liter reaches 168N.m, far more than the current level of general gasoline engine. Compared with the ordinary engine, the idling fuel consumption is furthest reduced by 30% or more, and the cars can be saving 20% fuel consumption equipping with this engine. This engine meets Euro V emission standards.

Mastering the core technology of independent brands, JAC produces Chinese vehicles’ “Chinese heart”

Since launched on the market, JAC 1.5L TGDI engine was widely welcomed by consumers by the strong power, low fuel consumption and good driving performance, forming a good market reputation. Successfully equipped with the 1.5L TGDI gasoline engine, the cumulative sales volume of the second generation of S5 reaches 15,000 units since launched on the market on March 2015. The outstanding performance of “low speed with high torque”, and “high speed with high power” made the second generation of S5 achieve the accelerating performance of 9.8 seconds to break 100km/h. The transmission efficiency of 6DCT gearbox is as high as 96%. The newest dynamic combination make the second generation of S5 own a stronger power, while the overall fuel consumption has reached an amazing performance of the lowest 7.6L/100Km.

Based on the 1.5L TGDI engine project, JAC has established a high performance gasoline engine production line with the annual output of 200,000 units, marking JAC has accelerated the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It is an important milestone in the development of JAC “White Golden” transmission system. The hot sale of S5 equipped with 1.5L TGDI engine opens a new market growth process by improving the technology to enhance the performance, and improving the technology to drive the products quality. JAC makes all their efforts to realize the leap from “made in China” to “Chinese brand”, building into a world class brand.

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