2015-11-06Short logistics leader, X200 display in 2015 International Automobile Exposition

On 6th November, the curtain opened on the 2015 International Automobile Exposition in Macao
Venetian Gold Convention and Exhibition Center. It is gathering abundant of global famous
automobile brands. Chinese commercial vehicle leader, JAC with its high-end mini truck X200
is displaying at 2015 International Automobile Exposition. By virtue of its fashionable
exterior, light-weight body, excellent dynamic and newest design concept, X200 became the
focus of the public media.

JAC X200 is a completed new cargo vehicle which integrates the comfort of a sedan and
loading capacity of a truck. It adopts big front wheel and small rear wheel design concept
to improve the loading convenience, which can enhance the transportation timeliness and
reduce the costs.

Smart and Portability, Innovative Design

The short logistics characteristic is complex road conditions and many docking points, which
requires the transported vehicle is flexible and has good traveling capability. JAC X200 has
a fashionable exterior, flexible and convenient loading capacity, and the unique design of
big front wheel and small rear wheel that reduces the height of cargo box. It is lower 30%
height than the common light-duty truck. And its no-load height is lower than 2 meter which
can easily pass through all kinds of road conditions.

Dynamic, Safe and Reliable

In the field of dynamic, JAC X200 is equipped with JAC 4DA1 engine, energy saving and
environmental protection, the Max. Power can reach 68kW and the Max. Torque can reach 220Nm.
With high-effective dynamic 1.9T small ration rear axle, the whole vehicle speed can reach
120km/h. Besides, the application of gear transmission technology, maintain free for its
lifetime makes the driving more retable.

In the test of safety performance, X200 first created the mini truck taking part in the
passenger vehicle standard front face 100% overlap rigid barrier crash test. High strength
alloy cab and front stamping anti-collision beam form the solid frame protection structure
to protect passengers’ safety when the suddenly crash is happened. Besides, electronic
high-frequency welding body, front disc brake and rear drum brake, ESP, digital matrix
reversing radar, dual air bag, TPM and other high-level configurations greatly enhance the
safety of vehicle.

Accurate Market Positioning

High-end mini truck is a product that has a large demand in international market. It is
estimated that there is a 100,000 market share in foreign market.

Since October 28th, JAC X200 has continued to launch onto many overseas markets after it
rolled off in JAC Meng Cheng Product Base. It got the affirmation from Laos broadcast
networks which competes against abundant of competitors and be batch purchased and used for
transporting TV network equipment. In Pure, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, X200 has been adored by
local customers.

With half a century manufacturing experience and technology upgrading, JAC light-duty truck
has maintained the top 1 exported position for 14 consecutive years and leading position in
Chinese market. It has obtained the big orders from China petrochemical, Coca-Cola, China
Post, Want Want Group, Deppon Express, China Railway Express and other logistics companies.
JAC X200 is the other excellent production of JAC in light duty, and it will achieve
excellent performance in domestic and oversea market by virtue of its accurate market

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