2015-11-06JAC Displays All-series Vehicles at 2015 Macao International Automobile Exposition

On November 6th, the curtain opened on the 2015 Macao International Automobile Exposition at the Macao Venetian Gold Convention and Exhibition Center. It is a celebration of automobiles as well as a good opportunity to display company power. Imported, joint venture and independent brand auto manufacturers have prepared well to appear in this exhibition. With 51 years of auto manufacturing history, JAC Motors is displaying its passenger cars and commercial vehicles jointly at the 2015 Macao International Automobile Exposition

The Carefully Selected JAC Passenger Vehicles Show High Quality

JAC shows its hot-selling MPVs and SUVs at the 2015 Macao International Automobile Exposition that has been carefully selected.

‘MPV manufacturing expert’ JAC is showing its carefully selected hot-selling MPVs and SUVs at the 2015 Macao International Automobile Exposition, including its star product – the M5. The M5 has a very roomy interior and excellent performance in exterior, space, operation and comfort. An elegant interior design and 5.1m body length with adjustable seats makes the M5 the benchmark of business vehicles.

In the SUV field, JAC is bringing new star products. The hot-selling SUV-S3 is the champion of Compact SUVs in the first half of 2015 in China. By virtue of smart operation, intelligent technology and fuel economy, the S3 has won the admiration of many young customers around the world. The JAC S2, the latest Compact SUV, was created for the youthful group who pursue personality and fashion. Its exquisite sculpting and interior make it pleasing to the eye; ESP, TPMS, TCS, BA, BOS and other intelligent configurations make the S2 more secure; its 1.5L ‘TOP Chinese Heat Engine’ with CVT makes the S2 more dynamic; and its high aesthetic design, high technology and high configurations completely satisfy the demands of young customers. Within 4 days of hitting the market on August 30th, the S2 had won tens of thousands of orders.

JAC's Commercial Vehicles Devoted to Effective Logistics

At this exposition, JAC is displaying its high-end light duty truck N-series Pickup, Mini truck and Van. These various models highlight JAC's leading position in the commercial vehicle industry.

As the high-end model among JAC's commercial vehicles, the N-series light truck is devoted to highly effective logistics services. It is equipped with a Cummins engine that has world-leading power and Euro V standard emissions. It also inherits the JAC light truck's professional chassis and humanized design to improve the comfort of driving and riding. In the field of security, as the first light truck to pass the crash test, the N-series adopts the latest international Bosch ABS+EBD to protect the security of passengers.

To complete its light truck production line and satisfy all kinds of logistics demands, JAC launched its newest high-end mini truck, the X200. Integrating the comfort of a sedan with the load-bearing of a truck, the X200 adopts a big front wheel and small rear wheel design concept to improve loading convenience and reduce transportation costs.

The T6 pick up is JAC's newest high-end model. Based on JAC's international sixth generation car body, it has powerful sculpting, exquisite interior design, rich configurations and high security.

Thanks to a high-end oriented and refined logistics industry and increasingly perfected and improved city management, European vans have become more and more popular among logistics enterprises. The V1, a European multifunctional commercial vehicle, was designed on the basis of the new-generation commercial vehicle concept and mainstream hybrid chassis in Europe, featuring both conformity and good load-carrying capacity. In addition, to fully meet the demands for business commuting, tourist transportation, logistics and other special industries, the van is subdivided into the 6 series, 5 series and 4 series, respectively corresponding to the combination of different engines with high-roof, middle-roof and low-roof configurations.

The Competitiveness of its Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Vehicles Help JAC Achieves Great Success at Home and Abroad

JAC adheres to the strategic concept of 'Making Commercial Vehicles Stronger and Bigger, Making Passenger Vehicles Finer and More Perfect', and its commercial vehicle sales in China increased by 29.51% during the first nine months of this year when the market demand was weak. The compact SUV S3, although it was only on the market for 13 months, has become the sales champion among compact SUVs in China and has created a sales miracle, keeping its position as the best-selling compact SUV for eight consecutive months, 2 quarters and half a year.

The competitiveness of commercial and passenger vehicles has accelerated the pace of JAC's globalization; right now, JAC is gradually forming an edge in 'strategic business'-passenger vehicles and 'core business'-commercial vehicles in the global market. During the first nine months of this year, against the background of the export volume of the Chinese auto industry decreasing by 16.5%, JAC exported more than 50,000 units with an increase rate of nearly 35%, ranking fourth among Chinese exporting automobile enterprises. Moreover, JAC has kept its leading position in segment markets: JAC light-duty trucks have held the exporting champion position for 14 consecutive years, its exports of passenger vehicles have jumped to the third position and exports of heavy-duty trucks also ranks third. At present, JAC products have been exported to South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and so on, establishing good relationships with more than 130 countries; JAC currently has joint ventures in Vietnam, Brazil and Kenya, more than 100 4S shops and 19 KD plants.

JAC always adheres to the 'Customer-Oriented' philosophy to provide the best services to customers from different countries, regions and industries. Thanks to our unceasing endeavors to improve quality and technologies over the past 50 years, we have received extensive recognition from a variety of industries in China including the government, military, police, logistics and personal users. JAC is highly favored by such World’s Top 500 industry-leading customers as DHL, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sinopec, China Post, China Railway Express and so on. Moreover, JAC is listed in the 'Supplier list for 6 United Nations Organizations' to be granted opportunities to make contributions towards the social development and local employment of other countries. In 2014, JAC received an order for 5,239 heavy-duty trucks from the Government of Venezuela; this is the largest order in recent years, strongly enhancing the international image of Chinese automobile brands.

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