2015-11-027 China Top 10 Engines--JAC the Strongest Power

‘Chinese Heart’ Top 10 engines evaluation was established by ‘Cars and sport’ magazine in 2006, which has great-international-influence. It is known as the world three engine evaluation with ‘Ward's Top 10 engines’ and ‘International Engine of the Year’, which respectively reflects Chinese market, North America market and European market top engines’ technology trend and manufacturing level. Until 2015, this evaluation has undergone 10 years’ glorious history and recommended many awarded engines to customers. JAC seven engines won this award, and let’s see the engines together which represents Chinese independent brand core technology’ s the strongest power.

Top 10 engine of 2009-2.0T gasoline engine

2.0T gasoline engine represents the successful exploration of Chinese self- brand in engine manufacturing field. The mature application of turbocharger technology represents the huge progress of Chinese self- brand in the field of technology. Outstanding power performance, fuel-economy, reliability bring the real benefits to customers.

Top 10 engine of 2010-1.3VVT gasoline engine

1.3VVT gasoline engine adopts the aluminium-alloy cylinder block and other light-weight design. VVT technology makes engine to obtain the best comprehensive performance of performance, fuel economy and emissions. Low pressure common rail injection system, multi-point sequential fuel injection can accurately complete injection. Timing silent chain drive improves the reliability of engine.

1.5VVT gasoline engine adopts the advanced technologies of timing silent chain drive and DOHC to enhance the running reliability. It has been equipped in JAC cars and successful passed the 100,000 kilometers road test, slight vibration, low noise, outstanding among the same-class engines.

Top 10 engine of 2012-1.9CTI diesel engine
1.9CTI diesel engine is integrated with 12 international advantage technologies such as VNT, SCV, CRDI, EGRC and others. High performance, low fuel-consumption and low-noise.

Top 10 engine of 2012-2.8CTI diesel engine
2.8CTI diesel engine adopts the precision electronic control technology to control the electronic components and the highest rail pressure of 1600 bar fuel common rail system to improve diesel spray pulverization and mixing of oil and gas. And equipped with VNT booster to reach the requirement of guarantee the high-end and low-end, improving the transient response ability. In the emission system, it adopts EGR to control the EGR rate precisely. The EGR cooling system could improve the EGR rate and lower inlet temperature, reducing NOx contamination. The post-processing adopts DOC POC can oxidize exhaust contaminant’s HC, CO and PM and needn’t system regenerate. Through those advanced technologies, it will effectively enhance engine’s dynamic, economic and reduce engine’s emission, noise, reaching the domestic leading level.

Top 10 engine of 2013-1.5LE 100 Ethanol flexible fuel engine
1.5LE 100 Ethanol flexible fuel engine is one of products developed to Brazil which has special requirement of ethanol fuel. The first engine just uses only one fuel tank (no auxiliary fuel tank) to satisfy customer use arbitrary proportion of ethanol (E22 - E100) flexible fuel engine. Using electric heating injector, PWM closed control module, cold ignition plug and other advanced technologies to successful achieve ethanol fuel automatic identified and changed. It will greatly improve the security and convenience and reached Brazil L6 standard.

Top 10 engine of 2015-1.5TGDI gasoline engine
1.5TGDI gasoline engine achieves the prefect integration of direct injection (GDI), turbo and DVVT. It is an excellent and green power which is based global the newest technology platform – low fuel-consumption, low emission, powerful dynamic. And the power reaches 128kw and torque reaches 251N.m, which can compared with 2.4L displacement engine. Compared with the common engine, the idle speed fuel consumption can reduce by more than 30% and the completed vehicle can saved 20% fuel-consumption.

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