2015-10-29JAC Sales Volume Has Made a Sharp Growth of 52.5% in September

September sales data was published a few days ago: JAC has sold all kinds of vehicles 49,600 units (including ANKAI Coach) with a sharp growth of 52.5% year on year; among which SUV sold 22,900 units with a great rising of 223%, electric vehicles sold 1400 units and light-duty truck sold 17,000 units with a growth of 30.5%.

SUV sales volume has reached a new record, further forming the superiority market position under the double hot models of S2 and S3. In September, JAC has sold SUV of 22,900 units, exceeding the old record of 21,800 units creating in January this year. S2 has sold about 6,000 units only in one month after launching on Chinese market, playing a very significant contribution on increasing the SUV total sales. The annual total sales volume of JAC SUV is expected to more than 230,000 units.

Light-duty trucks sold 17,000 units, up by 30.5% year on year, successfully seizing the market share of other brands.

From January to September, the accumulative sales of JAC electric vehicle achieved 6,087 units, up by 150.2% compared with 2,433 units sold in last year, among which the highest monthly sales volume achieved 1,400 units in September, up by 33.33% compared to August.

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