2015-10-29To Feel the Power of Quality-JAC T6 Pick-up Passes through Sichuan-Tibet Highway

On October 12th, the activity of JAC “Sichuan-Tibet Highway Transcendence” officially started. As the main force of this activity, T6 pick-up displayed its charming and quality power on the breathtaking, dangerous, stunning and beautiful Sichuan-Tibet Highway.

It is learnt that this activity started from Chengdu, through Kangding, Xinduqiao,LItang, Linzhi and so on, and finally reached Lasa with the total mileage of more than 3000 kilometers, and it will last ten days.

The most beautiful pick-up is running in the most beautiful landscape

Sichuan-Tibet highway is called “China's Most Beautiful Landscape Avenue”, and the current season is the most beautiful season of Sichuan-Tibet highway.

T6 pick-up is also one of the most charming model in China pick-up market, in the exterior, the perfect integration of power and beauty, the harmonious application of light and shade have realized the combination of functional aesthetics and aesthetic appreciation of art. Meanwhile, the body has integrated the elements reflecting power, such as the subduction waist line design has highlighted the motion in quiescence aesthetic perception.

Especially when the car was driving through the Xinduqiao section, the beauty is the one and only, Xinduqiao is honored as the paradise of cameraman.

Meanwhile the interior design of T6 interior also has its beauty of comfort. Black tone is the main tone, matched with the silver wire drawing line, the interior is fashionable. The seats are wrapped with the superior leather, and the application of ergonomics makes the vehicle more comfortable. Besides, T6 has use large amount of sound insulation materials, largely reducing the machine noise, tire noise and wind noise, even in the Tibet-Sichuan highway, the driver can also enjoy the quiet space.

Profession Quality Guarantees the Journey

Except for“China's Most Beautiful Landscape Avenue””, Sichuan-Tibet Highway is also called “the Most Dangerous Highway in the World”. Adverse road condition, changeable plateau-climate and frequent altitude rise and fall; it has raised the strictest requirement on the vehicles’ off road capability and products quality.

The engine of T6 is equipped with the one jointly developed by JAC and Navistar, the maximum power rate of 88km/3600rpm and the maximum torque of 250Nm/1800-2800rpm help T6 overcome the difficulties T6 met when passing through Sichuan-Tibet Highway.

One of the T6 drivers who once drives Toyota Prado expressed that T6 is powerful and can compete with Toyota Prado, moreover, the driving is steady which is much better than most pick-up sold in the markets.

In the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, the danger is ubiquitous, but T6 can well protect the warriors in the active safety equipment. The body of T6 has used large amount of high strength and super high strength steel, creating safe driving space for the warriors. Besides, more than a half roads are canyons and mountains which are rugged with many curves, so hard brakes are inevitable. Bosch 9.0 ABS+EBD can keep the stability of the vehicles to avoid the direction out of control and the wheel sideslip when the drivers have to take the emergency brakes. Matched with 319mm super large hollow brake drum, the braking ability is more reliable. Moreover, the main vice passenger airbag, warning type safety belt, arcuate anti-collision beam and hollow ceiling structure security configuration, T6 let the most dangerous roads become the smooth roads.

“Sichuan-Tibet Highway Transcendence” is not the journey release of soul, but is a journey which has tested T6 pick-up quality.

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