2015-10-22JAC All Series Products Appeared in Astana International Auto Show

Since JAC first 4S shop was opened in Alma-Ata in Septemberthe local distributor brought all series of JAC products to the third Astana International Auto Show( AIAS). As the capital of Astana, AIAS is the largest, most influential auto show in Kazakhstan with most participated brands. JAC is the new star of the auto show, which has caught great attention of the public.

Chairman of JAC local partner Mr. Andrea expressed that JAC has officially rooted in Kazakhstan market and the first batch of the vehicles have been assembled in its KUSTANAY plant. It is predicted that the vehicles will be officially sold in the market at the end of October. Besides, he stressed that the company has planned to develop 18 JAC products sales network, covering passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks all series of JAC products, moreover, Mr. Andrea has answered the media concerned questions around JAC products quality, controllability ,comfort ability, and creating Kazakhstan automobile brand with JAC together.

The automobile has lasted for three days, and the reports about JAC products continually appeared in the news, which has laid solid foundation for JAC products launch.

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