2015-10-10With 180,000 S3 owners, the second generation S3 released into market officially

On 29th September, JAC the second generation S3 officially launched into the market. As a hot-sale compact SUV, S3 has owned 180,000 users. Inherited from SUV’s excellent performance, the new generation S3 has made 19 items upgrades of exterior, intelligent, energy conservation and environmental protection and others to bring a completed new experience for customers.

S3 wins in the starting line
The young customers enjoy sharing and think highly of brand reputation. With 180,000 owners, JAC S3 has won a lot of supports and attention.

Since last year August, the first generation S3 has obtained the admiration from young customers by virtue of its accurate product advantage and fashionable marketing mode. In the past one year, S3 won numerous of champion in compact SUV market. And the champion of independent vehicle satisfaction and the car-owners has passed more than 180,000 people. On basis of the brand reputation, the second generation S3 will be injected new vitality.

Making friends with young people to win their favor

On basis of the intelligent, fashionable and valuable consumption trend, JAC S3 achieved the success in market and integrated the real feedbacks from 180,000 owners, the second generation S3 has made a great upgrade in terms of exterior design, intelligent technology and environmental protection.

More fashion, more intelligent and more intimate
Integrated with popular design element, the second generation S3 is equipped with the newest dynamic aluminum wheel, black interior with red ornamental thread to upgrade the whole car.

The young people love the state-of-the-art technology. And the second generation S3 is adopted the most advanced equipment. The intelligent voice interaction system achieves human-computer interaction and GPS/ location and navigation system makes the young people find the way on the journey. 7 inch color capacitive screen makes the operation easier. Beside, Rear camera display and GSI make S3 easy drive.

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