2015-09-22S3 boots in Egypt by virtue of successful marketing strategy

In March 2015, JAC S3 debuted in Egypt Cairo International Auto Show. By virtue of its outstanding sculpt and excellent quality, S3 has won so much favorable comment from customers and press. The local customers have full of expectation to S3's releasing. In order to launch into market as soon as possible, the distributor and JAC have carried out a full range of marketing planning and careful preparation. During three months, all the preparatory work have been completed including S3 marketing strategy, channels developing, completed vehicle and spare parts reserving and sales& service training. On 15th July, S3 was officially on sale and in the next half a month, 50 units’ S3 have been sold. It's really a good beginning.

S3 has been positioned as a model of Crossover Family Car. By virtue of its fashionable sculpt design, rich equipment, spacious room, intelligent technology and other advantages, S3 has received local customers'favor and admiration.

With the coming of sales peak, the distributor started the first round of large-scale marketing promotion activities through print ad, radio ad, facebook network promotion and outdoor advertising to strengthen S3 family car production positioning and enhance brand’s reputation and popularity.

In the process of terminal sales, the distributor and sub-dealers carried out a series of test-driving activities to let customers personally feel S3’s good quality of comfort, safety and intelligent driving experience.

Through all-around marketing promotion activities, JAC brand and S3's awareness are improving very quickly. The concern of facebook is increasing gradually and abundant of customers visit 4S shops. Next, JAC and the Egypt distributor will cooperate closely to enhance customers'satisfaction and sales volume. In the near future, 'S3- Drive, so easy!' this slogan will be widely known in Egypt and S3 will be seen everywhere in Egypt.

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