2015-09-15From January to August JAC Accumulative Sales Realize Rapid Growth in spite of Chinese Auto Industry Recession

On the afternoon of September 10th, China Association of Automobile Manufactures unveiled the automobile data in August: China automobile output and sales were respectively 1,569,700 units and 1,664,500 units, down by 8.4% and 3% year-on-year; From January to August, China automobile industry has produced and sold respectively 15,182,400 units and 15,017,200 units, both of which were decreased than last year.

JAC realized its August sales achievement: in August, JAC has sold all kinds of vehicles 43,435 units, up by 68.71%, from January to August; JAC has cumulatively sold 375,000 units, up by 26.99% with the leading sales growth rate in the automobile industry.

In August, Chinese passenger vehicles have sold 1,418,500 units, decreased by 3.4% year-on-year, which was the third month sales lower than last year, besides, except for SUV, the sales of all the passenger vehicles models were decreased compared with last year. However, JAC passenger vehicles maintained leading position with the accumulative sales of 209,000 units, up by 93.3%, among which S3 is the compact SUV sales champion with the accumulative sales of nearly 120,000 units, new-energy sedans have sold more than 1000 units, and new-energy sedans and coaches have been sold more than 5000 units this year.

In August, the sales of commercial vehicles declined than last year. From January to August, JAC commercial vehicles have produced and sold 2,211,700 units and 2,235,100 units, down by 13.5% and 12.6%, although JAC commercial vehicles also demonstrated the decrease trend, however, the high-end light-duty trucks have increased by 36.5% with significant increase of products added value

Moreover, China Association of Automobile Manufactures export data shows, China automobile have exported 52,200 units in August, dropped by 23.4% compared with last year. From January to August, China automobile enterprises have exported 498,000 units, down by 14.8%, while JAC has exported all kinds of vehicles nearly 50,000 units, up by 43%, rank as the third position among the automobile industry with the highest product added value of single products.

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