2015-09-10Quality origins from professionalization, discover the secret of JAC T6 Yangzhou New Plant

Although T6 has just launched into market for half a year, its high quality has captured abundant of customers'hearts. Quality origins from professionalization, and as one of the important processes of shaping T6's high quality, JAC Yangzhou new plant's specialization, modernization and mechanization give the excellent gene to T6.

If you have interested in T6, let's enter into the birth place of T6- JAC Yangzhou Plant. Here, we will witness how a T6 to be manufactured and know the brand connotation of T6- quality origins from professionalization。

Located in the east of Yangzhou, Global quality assurance

Yangzhou is not only a famous historic and cultural city but also has a very developed automobile industry. JAC Yangzhou plant is located in the east of Yangzhou economic development zone. The same as JAC Heifei, Qingzhou, Mengcheng, Suining production base, Yangzhou production base is according to JAC strictly quality control system to manufacture and the base is integrated with many advantages such as green, environment protection, intelligent and flexibility, building a high quality factory.

JAC Yangzhou plant has invested 2 billion RMB and building area of 120000 square meters, which covers automobile manufacturing four processes and a complete set of facilities such as test, offices and dining area. It has a scientific layout and is used to manufacture JAC first and second pickups and unload body SUV, and the annual sales income can reach 10 billion RMB, new employment of 2000 people. It not only can promote Yangzhou automotive matching enterprises development but also the quality assurance of T6.

In the process of automobile manufacturing, stamping, welding, painting, assembly are four core technologies and its craft advancements directly decide the quality of automobile productions.

Stamping process: High speed hydraulic

Stamping is the first step of all the procedure, and 60%-70% spare parts are produced by stamping process. Thus, the stamping technology has very important influence on automobile quality, production efficiency and production cost.

JAC Yangzhou plant stamping plant has built two new high-speed hydraulic lines and the largest hydraulic machine is 2000T, which can completely guarantee hydraulic parts'quality and stability. Meanwhile, it adopts one mold two type which can improve the production efficiency of stamping equipment and reduce dead time. Not only save raw material but also enhance economic effectiveness. Under such advantage stamping technology, JAC T6 has just completed the first step of shaping its high quality.

Welding technology: flexible welding and a full range of automatic

Car body is composed of sheet panel which need to equip and weld to shape the body shell. Thus, the welding technology is very important for shaping car body.

JAC Yangzhou plant welding workshop owns domestic first all automatic pickup welding line which can made T6 produce with SUV in one line and its strict standards guarantee T6's high quality. The main line is equipped with 58 units welding robots, which has achieved the accurate welding for car body key parts and greatly enhanced the automatic.

Painting technology: environment protection spraying, saving energy and reducing consumption

Painting has two important functions: first: anti-corrosion, second: more beautiful. Because it need to keep car using for a long time without coating degradation and corrosion under various climate conditions, each auto manufacturers have a high requirement to painting technology.

JAC Yangzhou plant painting workshop covers 28000 square meters area and the total investment reaches 170 million RMB. And its production line is adopted German imported Durr robot and owns the automatic mechanical transmission system and the car body identification system, and the coating transmission is used a set of GRACO automatic painting and temperature control system, intelligent and world international advanced painting technology can ensure the whole quality of the car body.

Originate creating in industry B1B2 environmental protection water-based paint spraying technology can dramatically reduce VOC (volatile organic compound) emission as well as reduce materials consumption 15%-20% per unit, which can effective reduce unnecessary manpower, material resources and resource inputs to truly achieve the energy saving and consumption reducing. Besides, through wind balance, circulation water tank, air conditioning system and ventilation device clear dust and control temperature, reducing PM2.5 greatly.

Assembly technology: ‘U’Style layout, high effective

Automobile assembly is the most important link of all the manufacturing technologies as well as the most important process to ensure the products'quality. The automobile wants to have a good performance of dynamic, efficiency and durability which have a close relation with the assembly technology.

It's reported that JAC Yangzhou plant assembly workshop covers 30000 square meters area and the whole construction is adopted steel framed structure. And the production line is ‘U’sytle layout and the material delivery can achieve bilateral supply, effective, lean and flexible.

Then, through four-wheel alignment, PDI, water test, light test and track test, one high quality T6 pickup is born.

JAC has always adhered the quality way and T6 as one of its high-end pickup, its quality must be highly required. Quality origins from professionalization. To guarantee T6's high quality, JAC Yangzhou production base is all used the international advanced manufacturing equipment. Meanwhile, JAC workers spare no pains to produce each product. T6- high quality will win customers'favor and trust.

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