2015-09-10JAC T6 is beyond customer value expectation

To satisfy customers' various and personal requirements to pickups, each pickup manufacture has taken great pains. But that is not enough for JAC T6. To JAC, customer satisfaction is the first step but how to surpass customer value is our ultimate goal.

T6 has always adhered to customer demands as guidance no matter its R&D, manufacturing and marketing. In the beginning of design, JAC has considered not only to satisfy customer basic demands of pickup but also wholly enhance T6 product value in commercial using, family using and play using through its high quality, advanced technology and rich equipment.

Commercial using: beyond customers' economic value expectation

To home building materials and site transportation industry, pickup is a tool for creating economic income. So the cargo capacity is one of the standards to measure a pickup’s practicability and the size of cargo has become an important standard to purchase a pickup.

JAC T6 is familiar with customer value demands and its 1520×1520×470mm cargo is larger than the same class pickups. Thus, T6 has a quicker transportation efficiency, which means it will bring more economy benefits to customers.

What's more, the economy value of T6 is not only the cargo capacity but also oil consumption reduction. T6 is adopted the high intensity and light-weight steel panel with car body light-weight design which can save 30% fuel consumption. Meanwhile, on basis of JAC Navistar National IV high efficiency & environment-friendly engine, Bosch high pressure common rail system and perfect matching of variable supercharging technology, T6 achieves the hundred kilometers fuel consumption is about 7.8 L. Besides, T6 is equipped with 6MT transmission compared with 5MT pickup models which is more fuel-efficient.

Family using: beyond customers' function value expectation

Nowadays, sedan-like pickup has become the developing trend in China.T6 has a fashion and gorgeous interior layout with rich passive and active safety equipment which can satisfy customer family using expectation.

In interior trim, T6 is used back as main color and with few silver wire drawing lines to decorate, sporty and fashion. It fits for young family's aesthetic and its seats are covered with leather, more comfortable.

In space room, its overall size is 5315×1830×1815mm which is larger than the same class pickup. So it has a spacious inner room for a whole family using. What’s more, JAC is first used NVH and insulation, sound-absorbing material on T6 which can reduce engine noise, tire noise and wind noise to create a quiet space for drivers and passengers.

Besides, by virtue of JAC more than 50 years'chassis manufacturing experience to ensure the comfort of vehicle. And driving computer, multi-function steering wheel, car Bluetooth, MP5, GPS, visual reverse, automatic air conditioning and other intelligent equipment will greatly enhance the driving experience.

The safety is very important to family using. T6 is adopted the high intensity steel with engine theft-proof system. Bosch 9.0 ABS + EBD system, 319 mm large hollow brake disc, double airbags, pre-tighter safety belt, arc-shaped anti-collision crossbeam and other active and passive safety equipment to guarantee the drivers and pedestrian safety.

Play using: beyond customers'emotion expectation

In the past, pickup was just be used as a transportation tool. But now, it can bring more emotion satisfaction to customers such as overland, modification and self-driving travel.

So it had to be mentioned that T6's power engine which is produced by JAC and Navistar jointly. The Max. Power is 88km/3600rpm and the Max. Torque is 250Nm/1800-2800rpm, which can satisfy even beyond users’ expectation. And the Max. Speed is 150KM/H when there’s a full load for you easy and dynamic driving.

T6 is equipped with 6MT transmission which can save more fuel compared with traditional 5MT transmission. The vehicle can reach the Max. Speed easier. Besides, 200mm Minimum Ground Clearance makes T6 to pass through any road condition easily.

To young customers like refitting pickups, the suitable modification parts accessories are one of very important purchase criteria. T6 has abundant of modification accessories such as flat box, luggage rack, tail and top bar that will help you to realize a cross-county dream.

T6 Origins from customer demand but is beyond customer value. T6- quality origins from professionalization. One vehicle for three functions: commercial using, family using and playing using to beyond customers’ expectation.

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