2015-09-06Beauty+ S2 is released onto the market officially

On 31st August 2015, JAC Motors announced that its new SUV mode ‘Beauty+’ S2 officially was launched onto the market. Last year, JAC S3 first held the internet releasing conference and became famous overnight. This time, JAC S2 also chose to release on the market from internet, which attracted more than 2 million fans to take part in and became an instant hit on each BBS and SNS.

By virtue of its super beautiful exterior and interior design, high intelligent power and safety equipment, S2 has captured abundant of after 90s young customers’ heart since its release in the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Stunning appearance makes you more exciting

With the quickly development of Chinese economy, the new generation of young is becoming the major force of automobile consumption. Their vision is more open and they are more sensitive to fashion art and new trend science and technology. So they are a new generation of leading the fashion in the life style.

These after 90s customers are typical ‘good-looks club’ members reflected in the automobile consumption. Only the super beautiful car model can make their heart pound. On basis of the trend of automobile development, the design team of S2 elaborated its sculpt, intelligent technology and safety which will make S2 to be after 90s customers’ qualified friend.

Its front face adopts impacting bottle-mouth design, chrome trim intake grille adornment brings a strong sense of layers, light type LED daytime running lights are full of personality and very dramatically; Sporty interior trim design, barrel type luminous dashboard, Leather multi-function steering wheel display the element of sporty and young.

What is more surprising, S2 provides several of colors which were elected by customers from internet.

Intelligent technologies make you more secure

After 90s generation is growing up with the technological innovation, so they have a natural penchant for high-technology and intelligent things. For them, a car without high-technology equipment means that it’s no safe.

The same as S5 and S3, S2 makes great effect in the aspect of safety and intelligent equipment. It adopts the high-intense car body design, side-bumper cross bar, and car body high strength steel application proportion reaches 26% and super high strength steel application proportion reaches 21.5%, which is not common in the same class compacted SUV. Besides, S2 is equipped with ESP, TPMS,TCS,BA, BOS and other intelligent equipment that make the young drivers enjoy each safety journey.

In the system of intelligent entertainment, 7 inch central control capacitive screen, car audio system, GPS/beidou dual mode navigation and positioning system, reversing radar + reverse image system completely satisfy young customers’ favor of playing.

Powerful dynamic makes you happier

Without strong power, how to play happily? Although S2 is positioning in compacted SUV, the power of S2 is excellent. It is equipped with JAC 1.5L engine, the rated power reaches 83 kw/RPM and the Max. Torque is 146Nm/rpm, which has been honored as the ‘Top 10 Chinese Engine’. And it is equipped with CVT transmission, speed up smoothly. In the professional test, S2 acceleration performance is superior to the same class vehicle and the hundred kilometers fuel consumption is only 6.5 L.

Besides the high-effective combination of engine and CVT transmission, S2 is also equipped with some intelligent driving equipment such as HAS, ESP and CCS.

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