2015-07-03JAC Italy R&D center has been established for 10 years

JAC Italy R&D center has developed very quickly in recent years, no matter its products’ quality or the forward-looking conceptual design. It represents JAC’s design has reached a new level. And underneath this has to be the supports from European cooperation partners. Only with their helps can JAC Italy R&D center achieve today’s design level.

In order to celebrate the 10 anniversary of JAC Italy R&D center, JAC will shoot a documentary to unravel the development of Italy R&D center as well as interview its important corporation partners. Today, let’s follow JAC journalists to know three important partners: ISMB, MAGNA STEYR and Vercamodel Saro.

ISMB Company is a non-profit scientific research center and devoted to applied research, who is jointly established by Politecnico Di Torino and one of the Eu biggest banks -Sanpaolo Bank and its major shareholder is Sanpaolo Bank.

ISMB Company has many very powerful scientific research partners such as Microsoft Corporation, telecom, AB SKF, ST Microelectronics, econocom and others. In 13 years of operation, ISMB Company’s success is reflected in some of the best scientific research achievements and results including the European projects and the admiration from its cooperation partners.

Starting from the cooperation with Politecnico Di Torino, and telecom, AB SKF, ST Microelectronics, econocom companies join ISMB’s board of directors one by one. For example, Microsoft Corporation established an Innovation Center in ISMB’s laboratory, which researched on the cloud technology and embedded system and it also involved in the JAC project.

ISMB is also one of the important parts of the European Galileo space program. Only three such scientific research teams in Europe and two others are located in Munich, Germany and Toulouse, France.

In the field of information communication technology, according to the global trend and official instructions from European Commission, ISMB identified three major application fields: energy, intelligent city and intelligent health.

ISMB also focus on the auto innovation industry such as the simulation of the electric vehicle maneuverability, the communication between vehicles, sustainable new mobile solutions, small public vehicle and vehicular unit with the function of Information exchange.

Recently, the project of vehicle intelligent entertainment information system is cooperated with JAC, and the design concept and product prototype will release in 2016 Beijing Auto Show. One of very challenging targets in this project is to design the newest intelligent entertainment information which can realize the communication between driver and vehicle. And it also will become the first such product in the global auto market.

The key concept of this system is to apply the hand gesture recognition system to reduce the distraction of drivers during the process of driving, which can enhance the safety. This system can identify a series of hand movements and give the corresponding response and voice feedback.

It is worth mentioning that the gestures to write function makes the drive can write in the air. Now, this system can identify all the English character, and in the future it will identify Chinese.

MAGNA STEYR is one of the biggest global automotive engineering and auto manufacturers. It owns over one hundred year’s history and its factories and institutions cover 39 countries and regions, and the employees are more than 12500 people around the world. And it makes automotive engineering services for Audi, Benz, BMW, Fiat, Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and other dozens of well-known brands around the world including JAC.

Magna’s automotive business covers the completed vehicle engineering development and the product development. Besides, it also designs and manufactures the auto spare parts of fuel system, battery system and the ceiling system.

Magna’s automotive business has two distinctive features: first, it can provide a variety of technical solutions and meet the different needs of each customer in the process of cooperation. No matter the completed vehicle light- weighting or the cost control, it can submit the quantitative engineering design scheme to satisfy each customer’s different requirements. Second, it owns a completed set of auto design and manufacturing resource, so that Magana can satisfy customers no matter the product involves the concept car, engineering prototype or production models.

The automotive engineering development covers modeling stage, body and closing parts, interior and exterior, electronic systems, chassis and transmission system, a prototype trial-manufacture, security structure design, test and test development. The representative products are: Mercedes Gclass models, Mercedes SLS models, Peugeot RCZ, Mini countrymen and pacemen.

It is particularly worth mentioning that as an automotive engineering company, Magna also can OEM vehicles for auto brands. Since 1906, Magna has OEM 2.5 million units’ vehicles such as BMW X3, Audi TT and other models. The factory was honored the quality golden award by J.D Power. And JAC S5 is also the designed by Magna.

Vercamodel Saro is one of the largest professional car model manufacturing companies and its business cover all over the world. And Porsche, Massa Lydia and other famous auto bands are their frequently customers. It has produced abundant of outstanding car models.

Vercamodel Saro owns vary complete car model-making equipment, and each car model can complete in an independent space to keep the secret before the vehicle release to the public.

Vercamodel Saro Company established in 1982 and owns more than 25 years’ experience. Besides its specialty, Vercamodel Saro can also provide completed CAS and engineering support. Vercamodel saro enjoys a high reputation in the industry for its car model making experience and high-quality car model. In 2014 Geneva Motor Show, in the evaluation of five the most worthy of attention and the most flattering five concept cars, (Maserati)Alfieri,(CIVIC)Type R two model concept cars are designed by this company, which can display this company’s technology strength and industry influence.

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