2015-06-26‘JOYFUL DRIVE’ – NEW S5 brings fast and furious for you!

This summer, do you want drive a SUV to enjoy the fast and furious? JAC NEW S5 definitely is a good choice for you. As the hit product of JAC in mainstream urban SUV, the second general NEW S5 complies with the fashion trend with 1.5TGDI+6DCT platinum power, intelligent technology and humanized design, which will bring a new choice of ‘JOYFUL DRIVE ’for young customers.

Dynamic power, the platinum power train is the huge technology breakthrough

The core power technology is always the weakness of many Chinese independent auto brands. In face of the high R&D costs, some brands give up the core technology and choose low price and backward equipment to take a short cut. However, it will become the restrictive factor for Chinese auto industry development. To the contrary, in the field of core power technology, JAC has invested abundant of money to boost the technology upgrade. The second generation NEW S5’s 1.5TGDI+6DCT platinum power is one of the important JAC R&D achievements.

1.5TGDI gasoline engine perfectly integrates the direct injection, turbo –charging and DVVT three technologies and the power-torque reaches 128Kw/251N?m, the dynamic performance can comparable with 3.0NA engine, bringing the excellent performance of ‘low-speed, high torque and high speed, high power’. What’s more, it makes NEW S5 achieve 9.8s per hundred meter acceleration performance. Matched 6DCT transmission, the transmission efficiency is up to 96%. The perfect power combination makes S5 own more powerful dynamic as well as fuel consumption 7.6L/100Km outstanding performance.

It is particularly worth mentioning that JAC has acquired many technology innovations including 34 items invention patents. JAC masters the core technology with independent intellectual property rights which will provide better power for its followed products.

Enjoy the intelligent technology to have a joyful driving experience

‘JOYFUL DRIVE ’NEW S5 not only has leading power but also creates a joyful driving experience.

A joyful driving experience in Internet era, the key point is to enjoy the intelligent technology. The newest intelligent voice interaction system not only simplifies the buttons and touch interaction operating level but also brings a man machine unification fashion experience. Cruise control, EPB electronic parking, a key to start and keyless car power configuration, trunk car power supply and other intelligent equipment make the driving is more convenient and easier. In the equipment of safety, ESC、TCS、HAS、HDC、BA、EPS、TPMS and other mainstream equipment provide a omnibearing proactive security protection. Besides, engine anti-theft, LED daytime running lights, full size spare tire superior to the same –class vehicle and make users enjoy a safety travel.

Humanized design makes ‘JOYFUL DRIVE’SUV outstanding

Enjoying the humanized design is the other highlight of NEW S5. The interior and exterior sculpt has been further optimized: panoramic sunroof, bottle mouth front face, HID headlights, 18 inches wide rim display its pure blood of SUV. Meanwhile, NVH has made greatly enhancement: implementation of the newest sound package in the area of engine nacelle, cockpit front wall, door, side wall inner shield, floor and ceiling. The comprehensive upgrade of sound insulation materials can reduce the inner noise as well improve the comfort of driving to satisfy the demands of customers. Let each journey full of happiness!

From ‘EASY DRIVE ’-S3 to ‘JOYFUL DRIVE ’-S5, JAC continue to upgrade the technology and provides various choices for customers.

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