2015-06-26JAC Motors Celebrates Its 51st Anniversary

JAC Motors, the Chinese automobile manufacturer, celebrates its 51st anniversary this year. The company was founded on May 20th, 1964 and by April 1968, the first 2.5 ton truck was developed in Anhui province, filling a gap in Anhui’s automotive industry.

JAC has since celebrated a number of significant milestones.

In June 1990, the first Chinese bus chassis was successfully developed and put into production by JAC.

On August 24th, 2001, JAC officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

On January 17th, 2008, the first JAC sedan rolled off the production line and JAC entered the passenger car market, becoming the only comprehensive automaker covering a full series of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

In November 2009, JAC light-duty trucks were awarded the certification of Chinese Exemption from Export Inspection. It was the first automobile enterprise to receive the certification in the light-duty truck industry in China.

In September 2010, JAC was given the National Quality Award-the highest quality certification in China. It is also the first and only independent brand automobile manufacturer in China to win the award.

More recently, on December 17th, 2010, JAC’s two millionth vehicle came off the production line and the 12th Five-Year Strategy Release Ceremony was held.

During more than half a century of operations, JAC Motors has been able to accomplish a number of great achievements to certify its place at the top of the Chinese automobile industry. JAC chassis has kept the leading position in China for several years and JAC light-duty trucks have kept the second position in the industry and the leading position in exports among all the Chinese light-duty truck brands for 14 years.

For JAC Motors, the growth of its heavy-duty truck sales has been most impressive in its rapid growth. In 2014, JAC signed an agreement of to export 5239 heavy-duty trucks to Venezuela, the largest order for the export of heavy-duty trucks from China. JAC has also seen great success with its multi-purpose vehicles, the company’s sales champion for many years. Meanwhile, the JAC S3 has become a leader among compact SUVs. In addition to this, JAC engines have been honored for their innovation as one of China’s Top Ten engines for five years.

What started as the production of light-duty trucks, has progressed into the efficient and environmentally conscious production of all forms of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. Here’s to another 51 years of excellence in automobile production for JAC Motors.

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