2015-06-19Out-door sales, Saudi Arabia is in action

Before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, JAC Saudi Arabia distributor held the second quarter of terminal sales analysis discussion forums and invited eight areas 4s shops managers to gather in Riyadh. And JAC high-end light duty truck N-series has been delivered in Saudi Arabia. The distributor managers had the test drive of N-series truck first. In order to promote the marketing, Saudi Arabia distributor will invite customers to forum, which can help local customers to learn more about JAC’s strength and culture.

Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East and owns rich oil resources. For its unique geographical environment-most of land is desert, the automobile is very important to local people.

Saudi Arabia is one of essential markets of JAC and JAC has maintained the TOP Chinese light truck brand position for many years. There are eight standard exhibition halls in big cities around this country and 8000 square meters service center in Riyadh. That makes JAC to be a household name and becomes one of the inevitable choices for customer to buy the light truck. In order to make N-series truck satisfy the real demand of local customers, JAC has make a series technology adjustments to adapt the local environment. In March 2015, the first batch N-series truck was produced and sent to Saudi Arabia. Now, JAC N-series truck has arrived in Saudi Arabia and will launch onto market very soon.

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