2015-06-10JAC J4 Team Opened the Season of 2015 CRC With Seven Champions

Seven consecutive champions! On June 2nd, J4, one of JAC sedan family, equalled the highest winning record of China Rally Championship (CRC) in Guiyang, Hunan province, which received six champions last season.

JAC J4 team attended CRC match again after six months. Experiencing two-day hard race of changeable speed bends, the three groups of A30 team finished all the races, among which group of Hu Yunfei and Zhu Lei received the champion, and another group of Yu Chenglei and Wang En received the third place. JAC team won the seventh champion in S2group with 16 points, perfectly starting the 2015 CRC season.

Facing Changeable Speed Bends
JAC J4 Had Full Assurance of Success by Product Quality

Although J4 had experienced six races tests, it was not very easy to receive the double champions in Guiyang station. As the first race of 2015 CRC, Guiyang station was seen as the most difficult station by many drivers. It was about 511 kilometers with nine stages, which was the whole cement roads testing the drivers’ basic skills and techniques. Besides the special roads, there was the more narrow track in the whole process of the race, and filled many bends and up-and-down roads. The drivers should constantly pass through the village roads and the main roads, sometimes hard to avoid gravel barrier.

It was full of challenges in Guiyang station, and the tight schedule settings made the race more difficult, which made many skilled drivers fall on the track. Finally only 38 racing cars completed the entire races in the whole 78 cars, and the reject rate reached over 50%.

The three group of J4 team were finished the whole race during two days. Yu Chenglei, one of the main drivers of J4 team, said the stability of the chassis and the excellent quality of J4 was impeccable in the bad track, and in high-speed roads with many ramps, J4 chassis gave a strong support and had full assurance of success.

Excellent Teamwork between New Drivers and J4 racing cars
To Represent the Strength of New Team with Champion Award

By the champion driver and champion team, JAC J4 team won the first prize in 2015 racing season. New team, new drivers and J4 racing cars cooperated very well. Deng Xiaowen, the main driver of J4 team, said that the performance of J4 was very good, and could enter the bend with a fast speed. Hu Yunfei, the main driver of striving for speed, represented the strength of J4 team with the glory of champion driver.

“To make a bigger breakthrough in the new season, it must constantly go beyond ourselves, which is the perfect quality JAC pursuing for.” The manager of J4 team said before the race. Now seven stations seven wins, j4 team achieved the expectation of surpassing themselves. Although J4 equalled the highest winning record of CRC in Guiyang station, the future six stations also provides more possibilities for J4 team. How can they create a new record? It is full of suspense.

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