2015-05-20Exposing the Secrets of the S3's Hot Sales

In the third JAC plant in Hefei, Anhui province, a plant with an internationally first-class automatic manufacturing level, the small vehicle transporting S3 parts keeps shuttling along. Every S3 on the assembly line experiences the installation of its circuits, panels and interior trim within three hours.

From the supply of spare parts, assembly, tests, reports and off-line road tests to casual inspection and logistics, all third plant employees work double shifts; they even worked for 24 hours during the Spring Festival to ensure that the customers could drive their new cars as early as possible.

JAC sells one S3 every three minutes, and 530 S3s are made every day.

The S3 had sold 2,900 units in August 2014 and 6,103 units by September. The sales volume reached 8,900 units in October and 15,004 units in November. That figure jumped to 17,133 units in December, 20,157 units in January 2015 and 17,239 units in February. In March, the sales of S3 also topped amongst the small SUVs. . The series of sales records is unexpected yet deserved. is

This success is no accident. S3’s becoming a “popular brand” is the result of JAC's deep and accurate understanding of the market, the importance it places in the needs of its customers and its gradual improvement of the system.

Listening to the market

From the product's initial pre-launch marketing campaign to its 'Drive, so easy' launch ceremony, JAC's S3 has captured the hearts of young customers with its familiar website platform.

The S3 is the first comparable vehicle to maintain the same price while its orders increase. It is also the first to hold hundreds or even thousands of vehicle delivery ceremonies for the customers, and the first to insist on transferring cars to customers and even paying the transportation fees for those who were unable to receive their cars during the Spring Festival.

As the automobile enterprise with the most complete series of products in China, JAC has extended its deep understanding of automobiles into the passenger vehicles market.

As to its strategy, JAC proposed the customer-oriented philosophy. After choosing the target demographic of customers born after 1985 looking to buy their first car, JAC's S3 reformed its process, system and standards according to user participation, experience and reputation. This is why the S3 meets customer demands, whether in the spirit of 'Drive, so easy' or 'Easy drive, easy maintenance'.

System Guarantee

Before the S3 was launched onto the market, JAC invited users to share their opinions of the product's exterior, configuration, pricing and advertising.

At the same time, JAC also took into account the thoughts of target customers on the costs of purchasing and keeping a car. After selecting opinions from more than 1000 potential customers, JAC chose people to test drive the S3 and further improved its exterior, fuel consumption and even its configuration based on their suggestions. When the product was launched, JAC also paid close attention to customer feedback and addressed every problem.

JAC has five R&D levels: the R&D center, overseas R&D centers, overseas strategic partners and JAC divisions. The R&D center implemented effective management according to the NAM ('Now And Me') process so as to coordinate interior and exterior resources, playing a key role in the launch of new products.

JAC's close attention to the market and adherence to high quality is reflected in both the research and the market itself.

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