2015-04-25Customer oriented , Further Promised--JAC International Distributor Annual Conference 2015

On 25th April, 2015, 10th JAC International Distributor Annual Conference was held in Yangzhou, a famous historic, cultural, and picturesque ancient city south of the Yangtze River. JAC board chairman Mr. An Jin, JAC general manager Mr. Xiang Xingchu, JAC International general manager Mr. She Cairong and over 300 distributors from 80 countries have taken part in this conference together. The theme of this conference is ‘Customer oriented , Further Promised’. All of world JAC distributors gathered here to review our efforts and harvests in 2014 and work out the development plan in 2015.

The board chairman Mr. An Jin and general manager Mr. Xiang Xingchu delivered the subject speech of the conference respectively.

Back in 2014, China’s macro economy slowed down in growth, the international automobile market witnessed poor demand, and a series of restrictive policies, laws, regulations, and trade barriers were introduced. In face of these many disadvantages, JAC focused on its customers and continued making innovations and heightening product competitiveness to further improve customer satisfaction. As a result, it sold 500,000 complete vehicles in the domestic market ranking in the top 10 in the industry. In the international market, JAC exported 55,000 cars of various types, ranking 8th place in the industry. In terms of light trucks, JAC further consolidated and gave play to strengths of its high-end light N series of trucks, maintaining its position of first place amongst domestic light truck exporters. As for passenger vehicles, JAC quickly completed plans for its second generation products as well as completing initial steps of the product structure adjustments. With regards to heavy trucks, JAC utilized its differentiated advantages and its export growth rate outpaced the industry average. It is worth pointing out that in 2014, JAC won a one-off order for the export of 5239 heavy trucks to Venezuela, which was the biggest order in China’s heavy truck exporting history, proving JAC’s strength, quality, and successful brand image.

In the conference, the board chairman Mr. An Jin proposed a new plan for JAC’s business management which includes five aspects: value discovery, value-focused design, value realization, delivering value, and sharing value. That means we should make ‘customer oriented’ operations our work starting point and objective. JAC has always focused on creating customer value first and serving customers with utter sincerity, which is also the overarching theme of this conference.

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of JAC international. Over the past 10 years, JAC international has seen both ups and downs: it has increased its sales from 6,000 units in 2005 to 65,000 unis, international sales have increasing by more than 10-fold, and its sales revenue has increased by about 20-fold and now accounts for 13% of JAC’s total sales revenue, proving that JAC has achieved considerable progress in the international market . we do not just go after quantity, we treasure the business relations and deep-rooted friendships we form with all dealers and cooperative partners. We have cooperated together for 10 years and in the next 10 years, we will create more values to customers through our products and services, with the wish of JAC ‘Better World, Better Products.’

After that, JAC awarded the individual and excellent distributors who made great contribution in new marketing exploration, operation enhancement, new products promotion, overseas KD establishment, net work establishment, brand promotion and customers’ services in 2014 for thanks their hard working and excellent performance.

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