2015-04-21Technology-driven Quality Products ——JAC showcases itself at Auto Shanghai

Auto Shanghai 2015 officially commenced on April 20th. Themed on Innovation and Upgrading, this auto exhibition did not have car models, but displayed more brands of strength. At the exhibition JAC showcased its passenger and commercial vehicles. JAC launched its first futuristic pure electric sedan the iEV5, two globally debuting vehicles, the SUV S2 and A00 class A33, their small SUV sales champion S3, JAC’s advanced technology 2nd generation SUV S5, and the 2014 CRC (China Rally Championship) champion model the J4. JAC’s next generation National V power and high-end light–duty trucks also made their appearance. All vehicles showcased JAC’s theme at the Auto Shanghai – Integrity, Quality, Technology, and Life.

Star models most eye-catching, passenger vehicles vying to display glamour,

Passenger Vehicles: As the leading brand among China’s independent automobile vehicles, JAC has led the industry in product research, technology innovation and energy-savings. With the new products launched in the market in recent years, JAC has gradually developed and formed its technology characteristics – efficient, environment-friendly and smart. These technology characteristics have pushed JAC products upgrade and innovation. JAC has showcased a rich passenger vehicles portfolio at the auto show this year, including the pure electric sedan JAC iEV5, representing JAC’s innovation and breakthroughs in new energy, the SUV S2 and A00 class A33 displaying JAC’s product strategy structure, and JAC’s star products the S3 and 2nd generation S5 SUVs.

The pursuit of environmental protection embodies the corporate social responsibility and entails the sustainability of the emprise. For automobile enterprises, new-energy vehicles represent the trend of development, which is partly the reason why the Auto Shanghai 2015 was so eye-catching. After 7 years development and research with 5th generation technology, JAC has released China’s first and only futuristic pure electric sedan – iEV5, which uses a pioneering ternary battery with maximum mileage of 240 kilometers, and 6 feature-rich smart systems such as a convenient charging system with a mobile phone based remote control, providing customers a new choice in comfortable green travel. With the launch of iEV5, JAC signed a strategic cooperative agreement on E-commerce in the field of new-energy automobiles with ICBC ( Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ) to catch the trend of “Internet Plus” era, hoping that the innovative system of Internet +New Energy+ Automobile + Banking can promote the spread of new-energy vehicles among the general public.

The intelligentization trend of vehicles is irresistible. Traditional vehicles center on vehicles, while smart vehicles focus more on life on the wheels. JAC’s globally debuting SUV the S2 comes in two power combinations, 1.5L+6MT and 1.5L+CVT, meeting power needs of young customers. The new A0 sedan A33 provides a novel experience with smart information entertainment, active security, smart control and internet of vehicle systems.

Star products play a very important role in building the corporate image. They can only become the vanguard in the market, but boost the common development of other products with their exemplary effect. JAC’s star product the SUV sales champion in China – S3 and 2nd generation S5 also made their appearance at the auto show. S3 has become the Q1 sales champion in China market with 53,679 units sold. The 2nd generation S5 showcases JAC’s research and development strength with 1.5TGDI+6DCT dynamic power combination. JAC also displayed its 7-seater MPV the M3 that was recently launched in the market. With the glory of winning the grand slam championship of CRC, the racing star Heyue A30 shall march to races in 2015, making car race fans blood surging.

Technology & environment-protecting pioneer –JAC commercial vehicles challenge fuel efficiency

JAC passenger vehicles have marched into the “Internet Plus” era of new-energy vehicles. JAC’s commercial vehicles have always placed a lot of impetus on low-carbon technology and environment protecting emissions. As JAC’s core business, JAC commercial vehicles with the full-line N-series trucks and new generation National V engine were exhibited at the auto show, highlighting JAC’s core competitiveness in environment protection, energy savings, safety, technology and refinement.

JAC commercial vehicles master two National V technology systems, the EGR+DOC+DPF, and SCR, providing a reliable technological guarantee. At the auto show, JAC’s full-line N-series medium-duty trucks with Navistar, high-end light-duty trucks (wide body and narrow body), X200 and T6, created a high-end urban logistics image. Equipped with a 2.8L 4DA4 engine and LC6T32 6-speed transmission, T6 is the newest high-end pickup that integrates the comfort of a sedan with the dynamics of an SUV.

At the press conference, JAC held the 1,000 N-series delivery ceremony and JAC’s general manager Mr. Xiang Xingchu awarded the golden key to JAC’s global distributor representatives. Since the 1st generation high-end light-duty truck was launched in May 2004, JAC has created a Chinese light-duty truck brand development legend with positive reviews from more than 200,000 users over 11 years efforts, successfully building a leading brand image for Chinese high-end light-duty trucks. The bugle has sounded again with the completion of the JAC N-series product upgrade, to face global market demand based on high-end urban logistics production.

In domestic market, JAC N-series has maintained leading sales growth for several years. Even with the stagnant commercial vehicle market, JAC N-series still achieved 68% growth in the first quarter of 2015, showing its brand strength through excellent market performance. In overseas market, JAC’s high-end light-duty trucks have been No. 1 in export sales for 14 consecutive years, with exports to more than 120 countries and regions. JAC meets high-standard regulations of several developed countries, such as Europe’s WVTA, Australia’s ADR, Russia’s GOST, etc., and has successfully entered Europe, North America and other developed countries. By virtue of its excellent performance and quality, JAC has established a new international brand for Chinese commercial vehicles.

JAC’s light-duty truck fuel-efficiency challenge is doubtless a highlight of this auto show. With three competing vehicle models, JAC will invite nationwide customers to experience fuel-efficient technology and hold fuel-efficient logistics seminars based on the fuel-efficient challenge match, to advocate energy conservation and emission reduction concepts, in 2015. JAC has made in-depth research on technology upgrade for fuel efficiency, which is doubtless a win-win for customers and enterprises.

At this automobile exhibition, JAC wins over the market with its products and technical strength, be it the marketing of JAC iEV5, release of new cars like Refine S2 and Refine A33, “championship” effect of Refine S3, or collective display of the full-line commercial vehicles with National V engine and the Shuailing Family tailored to high-end urban logistics industry. In the “Internet plus” era, JAC clings to its manufacturing philosophy, heads towards its grand blueprint under the guideline of “Made in China 2025”, and keeps on fulfilling its five core mottos (namely, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, safe, high-tech, and exquisite) on a progressive basis. Thinking ahead, JAC sets foot in both commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle sectors, and is showing the world its strong competitiveness and development potential.

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