2015-04-20Core technology accelerates JAC development – JAC showcases whole new line at Auto Shanghai 2015

Auto Shanghai 2015 had a grand opening on April 20th. JAC showcased its complete passenger vehicle series covering SUVs, MPVs, sedans, and new energy vehicles at the auto show, making JAC’s star automobiles the cynosure of the show. At the JAC booth, China’s first futuristic pure electric vehicle was officially launched in the market. JAC’s SUV S2 and the A0 series A33 also made their global debut at the auto show. China’s small SUV sales champion the S3, China’s SUV technology representative the S5, and the 2014 CRC Champion the J4, all made their appearance at the auto show, showcasing JAC’s efficient, energy-saving and smart core technology achievements, and pushing forward JAC’s core technology development.

After 7 years research and with the use of 5th generation technology, iEV5 has become China’s first and only futuristic pure electric sedan. Not only is its chassis developed based on pure electric vehicles’ characteristics, but it has also put aside the lead acid lithium battery that iEV4 now uses. The new ternary battery has made “one time charge 200 kilometer mileage with 120km/h speed” come true. The detailed design, specifications and high-end technology have made the iEV5 even more elegant.

Two new star models – S2 and A33 debut at Auto Shanghai 2015

JAC’s newest car models – S2 and A33 debuted at Auto Shanghai 2015, showcasing its product strategy of “international, specialized and refinement”. As the entry-level small SUV especially designed for young people buying their first car, JAC S2 comes in two powertrains, 1.5L+6MT and 1.5L+CVT. S2 is equipped with comprehensive smart systems to meet the ever-growing needs of young customers. This car model will launch in the domestic market in the third quarter of 2015.

JAC A33, the new generation A0-class smart family car was also JAC’s other highlight at the auto show. Brilliantly sculpted, touch control center dash console and digital LED instrumentation, brings ever more surprisingly nuanced features to customers. The high-tensile car body, 6 air bags, and TPMS comprehensively protect drivers and passengers.

Market ‘Superstar’ S3 and 2015 CRC Champion J4

Thanks to its amazing sales performance in February and March, S3 is the undoubted superstar of JAC’s car family. S3 became the sales champion in Q1 of 2015 with 53,679 units sold. What’s more, the 2nd generation S3 was launched at the auto show, and is a technology star. The 1.5TGDI+6DCT dynamic power combination speaks volumes of Chinese brand R&D strength. The “7-seater MPV” – M3 was also displayed to public. This is a hot selling model in many regions of China, and has been an integral part of many youngsters dream of running their own business.

Visitors to the show can also see the elegant vision of the 2015 CRC champion, the J4. Confronted with more difficulties in the new season of the China Rally Championship, the J4 team came fully prepared with adjustments to the chassis and tires. JAC J4 will fight for the glory of China’s independent car brands.

2015 is a new challenge of JAC. With iEV5, S2, A33 launched in market successively, JAC is all set to make even more progress in terms of brand, technology and production. More exciting details to follow soon.

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