2015-04-15JAC Brand Day, Playing the prelude for 2015 Shanghai Auto Show

On 12nd April, ‘Integrity, Quality, Technology, Life’ as the theme, JAC brand day was held in Hefei, officially playing the prelude for 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.

JAC with its completely new models of commercial vehicle and passenger car debuted grandly, showing JAC independent and innovative R&D strengths.
Protect the environment, JAC Commercial Vehicle Upgrades Emission Standard

Recently, controlling environment pollution is a hard task to each country. The market needs a sweeping changes which will lead the completely upgrades of logistics and transportation.

How to adapt the fierce competition of the industry? In this activity, JAC gave a satisfying answer. JAC has always taken environmental protection as its duty and adhered to its vision: ‘Better products, Better world’. In 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, JAC will exhibit new models which represent the leading technology strength and wish of developing green energy.

In the media communication, technical director of JAC R&D center gave the introduction of JAC new technology that will deal with the emission standard National V requirements. Two technology routes: EGR+DOC+DPF and SCR, JAC independent R&D diesel engine of 2.0L and 2.7 CTI and JAC Navistar two classic engines: MF3.2 and 4.8L, which are constituted JAC full ranges of power train and completely reach National V emission standard.

Among JAC 2015 Shanghai Auto show exhibitions, JAC high-end small truck X200 has to be the star model which will lead the transform of future urban logistics. For its unprecedented comfort, incomparable loading convenience and flexibility of transport, it will greatly enhance the operation efficiency of urban logistics.

As JAC core business, JAC commercial vehicle has already formed a completed production portfolio including heavy & medium truck, light-duty truck, pick-up, small truck.

Innovation drives future

The technology innovation will lead to sweeping changes in auto industry. JAC has always adhered to the key technology R&D route of ‘fuel-efficiency, environmental-protection, safety and intelligent’ to create JAC brand core competitive power and strengthen input of technology innovation, and unceasing satisfy customers’ demand and expectation to our products.

Under such background, JAC focuses on researching of fuel-efficiency and environmental-protection technology and owns independent intellectual property 1.5TGDI gasoline engine with 6DCT platinum power train which is the first step of JAC technology innovation. What’s more, 1.5TGDI gasoline engine perfectly integrates three technologies of GDI, Turbo-charging and DVVT, and the torque reaches 128Kw/251N?m, surpassing most 2.4L engines.

The second generation S3 is equipped with JAC independent R&D platinum power train assembly which has achieved to accelerate within 9.8 second per hundred kilometers. That’s the reflection of platinum power train three advantages of - ’low fuel-consumption, low emission and low noise’. And new S5 will consume just 7.6L of petrol per 100km, which is lower 17.4% compared with the same-class joint venture SUVs. Besides, the new S5 has achieved comprehensive upgrades in terms of technology intelligence: cruise control system, EPB, engine start stop, passive keyless enter, immobilizer, LED daytime driving lights, full-size spare tire… completing 85 items improvements compared with the first generation S5.

JAC iEV5 pure-electric vehicle shows the innovation and breakthrough of JAC in the field of new-energy power. Abandon hydrochloric acid iron lithium battery used in IEV4 and the newest ternary lithium battery is capable of driving 200 kilometers on a single charge, and the speed can be up to 120 kilometer per hour.

The new generation A0-class sedan A33 first time exhibit to public, and its brilliant sculpt, touch control central dashboard and LCD dashboard will bring the wonderful visual and operation experience. The emission standard has reached National V and shift reminding system provides more convenience to enter-level users. Equipped with touch control central dashboard, voice control system, digital LCD instrument and other intelligent systems. High intensity car body design, six airbags, TPMS and other safety equipment offers comprehensive protection to every occupant.

JAC brand day activity is playing the prelude for 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. More exciting activity to be continued.

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