2015-04-13Enjoy Surging Power High-end Cross Pick-up T6 to Be Released into the Market

JAC high-end cross pick-up T6 will be launched into the market in the near future. T6 is based on the surging power matched with golden transmission provided by Navistar, which makes the complete vehicle outstanding in power, maneuverability and pass ability. It will provide new choices and experience to the pick-up customers.

“T6 has brought in Navistar advanced power technology, and will provide effective power to the pick-up lovers who emphasize a lot on the driving experience.” JAC technical expert introduced, “besides, T6 has fully absorbed JAC 50 years’ professional chassis manufacturing essence, when putting drivers’ safety into the first place, it has also considered the loading capability and cross-country ability so that the safety and high pass ability can be ensured when the drivers enjoy the cross-country fun brought by T6. ”

High-effective Power is From Navistar

After jointly developed by JAC and Navistar, T6 is equipped with 2.8L diesel engine which can output 88kw, 250N.m powerful power. This engine has used a lot of advanced technologies such as high pressure common rail, turbocharging and GDI(Gasoline Direct Injection), and inherited the design concept of light weight engines to ensure the engines dynamic power and fuel consumption. Meanwhile, JAC Navistar new engine which can meet the National V emission standard will also be released into the market, and this engine can make T6 achieve high efficiency and environmental friendly with the open of China high-end pick-up green engine time.

After tested, T6 approach angle is 29.6°, departure angle is 22.4°, ramp angle is 23.5°, and the minimum ground clearance is 207mm. The extra high pass ability with Navistar surging power can bring the drivers extraordinary experience. T6 is equipped with 245/65 R17 tire, and 65 flat ratio can not only improve the complete vehicles ‘stability, but also prove its excellent cross-country pass ability.

T6 with six manual transmission boxes instead of five transmission boxes which is what the same pick-up sold in the market equipped can achieve smooth shift and fuel consumption.

Professional Chassis Achieves Driving Charming

Front suspension of T6 has used unequal double-wishbone type suspension structure, and rear suspension has used steel spring + telescopic shock absorber + cushion, ensuring the vehicle can drive across the bumpy roads with high loading smoothly.

While in the control ability, on one hand, T6 has used hydraulic power steering technology, so that the control steady ability has been improved from the steering lightness and steady state circular, and on the other hand, T6 has used piecewise lap welded frame and streamline longitudinal structure, which can make the complete vehicle with stronger loading ability.

T6 is JAC pick-up important strategic products and undertakes JAC exploring global pick-up market mission. So, the dedication of JAC eyes in the high-end pick-up market and the relevant customers can be easily seen from the complete vehicles’ power, control ability and pass ability.

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