2015-04-07Premier of China and Kazakhstan Witness JAC Cooperation Projects

Under the organization of China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Kazakhstan investment and Development Department, and China Foreign Ministry as well as Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry, on March 27th, signing ceremony of cooperated enterprises from the two countries with the witness of the two countries’ premiers was grandly held in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China. Accompanied by General Manager of JAC International She Cairong and Chairman of the cooperated company Andre,Chairman of JAC-Anjin was invited to attend the ceremony to carry out in-depth exchanges with Kazakhstan Premier Masimov

Masimov was optimistic about the future of the cooperated projects, and expressed that Kazakhstan government will provide the necessary policy support to the project, and encourage JAC development in Kazakhstan. During the meeting, JAC Chairman Anjin and the cooperated Chairman Andre exchanged the cooperation agreement.

Before the meeting with Kazakhstan Premier, under the invitation of Chinese Import and Export Company(CMC) Chairman Wang Xusheng, JAC Chairman Anjin and Vice General Manager She Cairong visited CMC, and during the meeting, Anjin introduced to Wang JAC development plan in the recent years, production operation, automobile situation of China and the world, and JAC performance in the global market, besides, An also invited CMC to visit JAC to ensure the smooth development of the relevant cooperated business, while Wang firstly expressed its welcome to An’s visit, and showed his admiration for JAC dedication to China automobile industry development, he stressed that CMC and JAC has strong complementarity in the automobile field and believed that they will have broad prospect in the future cooperation, at last, Wang promised that he would arrange the schedule to visit JAC for the better cooperation in the future.

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