2015-04-02JAC SC-9 Was Invited to Display in Italy's National Car Museum

Since releasing in 2014 Beijing Auto Show, JAC SC-9 has received widespread attention. Recently, JAC SC-9 on behalf of Chinese car has invited by Italy’s national car museum to exhibit in world-class car museum.

SC-9 is the newest concept car of JAC which is designed by JAC Italy R&D center. This model integrates the luxury of GT (Grand Touring), the smart of SUV and the high performance of sports car.

The triad features haven’t reflected on other car models, which can bring the new experience and challenges to customers. That’s the reason why Italy national car museum just choose SC-9 to represent the future model.

‘Unique’ is the design concept of SC-9 sculpt, which shows the prefect integration of technology and visual temptation highly. Even in the static display, SC-9 still shows the dynamic appearance for its stretching powerful lines and vividly exterior.

JAC SC-9 first adopts the sculpt concept of SUV+GT, and powerful exterior, intelligent interior and prefect space arrangement makes SC-9 extremely close to customers.

It has the potential to open a new SUV model and lead a new sculpt development trend.

Italy Turin National Car Museum is one of the oldest and largest car museums in the world, which has gathered 85 auto brands including 200 units’ vehicles from Italy, France, England, German, Holland, Spain, Poland and Unit States since 1769. Its scale and influence are matchless in European continent. Besides classic exhibits in some fixed exhibition hall, there is a layer of space for showing contemporary excellent works specially.

However, the contemporary work is not easy to exhibit in Italy National Car Museum. Before that, there is a very strict audit process. Some world-famous designers such as Giorgio Giugiaro, Mr. Pennsylvania, university professors and famous media auto journalists take part in the public election as judges to vote the best model in their heart. Only one representative work can be elected to exhibit in the museum.

In 2015, JAC SC-9 has beaten a large number of international competitors, standing out, and was invited to display.

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