2015-03-23JAC Seven Seats Small MPV-M3 Makes Its China Initial Release

On March 18th, JAC first small MPV M3 made its initial release into Chinese market. As MPV new family member, M3 kept pace with the trend of the times. Based on the technology quality reputation of JAC MPV, M3 was tailored in the space, economy, craft and security, bringing an “entrepreneurial dream accelerator “with pure MPV blood.

Combined with MPV research and development experience, and insights into the customers’ precise demands, M3 is energy-saving with flexible space. M3 has the leading dimension among the same class vehicles in both exterior and interior. 2810mm wheelbase, the overall dimension of 4645/1740/1900 and 4450L super large volume make M3 have outstanding loading capability, besides, 8 seats combination and 31 storage designs make the space more flexible, fully meeting the double demands of business reception and logistics.

M3 is a good assistant of cost-saving. With the help of VVT energy-saving technology, engines’ lightweight aluminum design and mature 5MT transmission box, 100 kilometers fuel consumption of M3 is lower to 7.8L/ Meanwhile, moreover, equipped with 1.6VVT engine, M3 can realize 86kw maximum power rate and 155N.m maximum torque,

Inherited the high standards of MPV manufacturing experts, M3 seems to be more delicate and more elegant. With the applications of wing-type front chrome grille, stylish black smoked headlights and other fashionable elements, M3 is more atmospheric and graceful in business reception. HD screen entertainment system, front and rear dual air conditioning independent control system and other configurations added some colors to M3. It is also your bodyguard, dual airbags, three-point seat belts, ABS+EBD active safety systems are all rare configuration in the same level. Electric engine security, energy-absorbing crumple zones and LED high brake lights let you to stay trouble away during the trip.

As a new star of JAC family, M3 can lead the new trend of small MPV market according to 13 years manufacturing experience and nearly 600,000 users’ reputation. From the appearance to the interior, we can see the innovation of its design concept, and each one is to make the driving experience become easier and more convenient. The leading intelligent configuration achieves high standards in security aspect. M3 is expected to become the most popular MPV by the excellent product strength and economy.

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