2015-03-17JAC S3 Won Several Annual Awards

At the end of 2014, the auto market entered a summary of inventory again. The auto industrial authority organizations have released their model lists. S3 has been frequently selected on the lists in the small SUV market, winning the annual heavyweight award by a plurality of authority. Recently, S3 won the high golden honor of 2015 Xuanyuan "Product Strategy" Award, which is really hot from the market to the podium.

Since launching on the market at the end Aug. in 2014, S3 has been in short supply. In Nov., S3 became the sales champion in small SUV market by the terminal sales exceed 15,000 units; in Dec., S3 renewed the record once again by 17,300 units and won the champion continuously. While being more and more recognized by consumers, S3 have attracted more attention and exploration by the media, and eventually boarded the various festival podiums.

Chinese mainstream media gave affirmation to S3, among which auto Sohu awarded the prize of "Annual Satisfaction", auto qq awarded "Outstanding Contribution to China Automobile" award. Meanwhile, in PHBang held by 23 domestic mainstream media such as Guangzhou Daily, Beijing Evening News, Xin'an Evening News and so on, S3 gained the award of "Annual Independent Brands Best SUV".

2015 Xuanyuan Award established the leader class status of S3 in China auto market. Xuanyuan jury came from US, Germany, Japan, South Korea and China five countries. Following the professional, rigorous, objective and rational standards, each year only five models can get the awards, and S3 is one of the five best models this year, which is the only one model in small SUV market.
Although it was launched in the second half of 2014, but the achievements of S3 are not be underestimated. Entering in 2015, S3 still sales hot, at the same time, it won a number of authoritative media awards, which is proved that S3 owned absolute competitiveness and discourse right in the small SUV market segments. Under the superhot and popular station, S3 has become an outstanding representative in Chinese brands, and is expected to become another successful example of urban SUV.

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