2015-01-21JAC N-series Light-duty Trucks Achieves Users’ High-end Logistics Dream

On January 11th, “Annual Event of Commercial Vehicles in 2014”was held in Beijing. As the benchmarking brand of China city logistic vehicles, JAC N-series light-duty trucks were outstanding from all the candidates with superior performance and were awarded as “Best Logistic Vehicle of 2014”

The year 2014 was the harvest year of N-series light-duty truck, and its sales in China and the overseas market have achieved new record, among which, Chinese sales have increased by 25%, and the overseas sales of N-series light-duty trucks have surpassed 7000 units with double increase, while at the beginning of 2015, N-series light-duty trucks honored as “Best Logistic Vehicles in 2014” is another strong prove to N-series light-duty trucks named as “High-end City Logistics Expert”.

Annual event of 2014 has won the support from the industry association such as Chinese Automobile Industry Association, China Transportation Association, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, and more than 240 people from the spare parts companies, main media have participated in the event. This event was commercial vehicles event with highest grade and largest scale, and JAC light-duty trucks were also awarded as “The Most Satisfactory Commercial Vehicles in 2014”

Excellent Quality Caught Attention in the Event

As the high-end annual conference of commercial vehicles industry, the event included 2014 commercial vehicles annual forum and 2014 commercial vehicles appraisement.

During 2014 commercial vehicles appraisement, the expert committee which was consist of industry association automobile experts, university experts and professional users scored all the candidate vehicles according to their modeling craft, manufacturing craft, maneuverability, comfort ability ,security, technology, innovation and economy based on Germany IAA commercial vehicles appraisement system, fully guaranteeing the profession, authority and truth, and at last, JAC N-series light-duty trucks was outstanding and awarded as “Best Logistic Vehicles in 2014”

JAC N-series light-duty trucks are JAC high-end light-duty trucks facing enterprise and fleet customers. Using the latest high-end light-duty trucks design trend ,powerful JAC Navistar engines, Cummins engines, JAC 4DA1 engines, JAC N-series light-duty trucks have delicate interior design,and can compete with passenger vehicles in the noise control, vibration control, and the craft through frame system optimization and driving cab sheet metal upgrading.

This honor is another logistic honor JAC wins in the logistic area, in the Sixth China City Logistics Development Forum, JAC N-series light-duty trucks was awarded as “2014 China City Logistics Recommended Vehicles”.

JAC N-series Light-duty Trucks Achieves Users’ High-end Logistics Dream

According to the sales data statistics from China Automobile Industry Association, JAC N-series light-duty trucks have sold nearly 30,000 units in China market with sales increase of 25% in 2014.Since National IV emission standard executed in the last half year of 2014, many commercial vehicles enterprises demonstrated decrease sales, while the sales of JAC N-series light-duty trucks have increased in the opposite to the industry trend. With leading technology, high effective and reliable operation performance, JAC N-series light-duty trucks have won long-term orders from world top 500 enterprises such as Sinopec, Deppon Express, Coca cola,China Post and so on.

Moreover, as the No.1 China light-duty trucks exporting brand, JAC light-duty trucks have kept the best China light-duty trucks exporting position for 14 years, among which nearly 90% are JAC high-end light-duty trucks. Right now, the leading technology of JAC high-end light-duty trucks have won favorable comments and passed developed countries homologation such as Euro WVTA complete vehicles homologation, Australia ADR homologation and Russia GOST homologation.

As the benchmarking enterprise, JAC high-end light-duty trucks are equipped with four world leading engines including Navistar engine, Weichai power, JAC 4DA1 engines, and Cummins engines covering the displacement of 2.8L-4.8L, besides, JAC N-series light-duty trucks have mastered SCR and EGR technologies.

As the off-line of JAC Navistar medium trucks, high-end X mini trucks and T6 pickup, in 2015, JAC will cover high-end city logistics and provide high effective operation solutions to the customers to achieve the customers high-end logistics dream.

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