2015-01-18JAC the Second Generation Pickup T6 off-line

In the morning of December 26, JAC Yangzhou new production base was officially put into operation which owns annual production of 100,000 units’ pickups and SUV. And JAC second generation high-end pickup T6 rolled off the production line successfully. This is the another new modern plant of JAC, and the municipal party secretary of Yangzhou Xie Zhengyi and the board chairman of JAC Group An Jin attended the ceremony and witnessed this historical moment together.

The general manager of JAC Xiang Xingchu delivered the welcome speech and expressed the sincere gratitude and warm welcome to all the leaders and guests who attend this activity, and thanks for those workers who has hard worked for new production base establishment and new production off-line. He also gave a brief introduction of JAC state operation in 2014 and Yangzhou new production base situation.

In 2014, JAC has maintained the healthy and stable operation state. And all kinds of businesses have achieved rapid development, and production structure has been further optimized and the operation quality has been further enhanced. Until November 2014, the cumulative sales of JAC all kinds of vehicles have reached 405,000 units and achieved sales revenue of 28.66 billion Yuan. Its main products including M1, S3, high-end light truck, heavy-duty truck and electric vehicle have made outstanding performance in each segment market.

JAC Yangzhou Company is one of the most important parts of JAC commercial vehicle business segments, which will give contribution to local economy development. The new JAC Yangzhou Company production base started to build from March 2013 with a total investment of 2 billion Yuan. And the first phase investment of 1.2 billion Yuan, covering 460 mu lands for project and construction area of 120,000 square meters. It covers auto manufacturing four process lines and test, office, dining areas for producing JAC first and second generation pickups and some SUV models. After the projects are finished and put into production, the annual sales income is about 10 billion Yuan, the increasing employment figure is about 2000 which will enhance the development of peripheral enterprises and bring good economical and social benefits.

The new production base has owned many advantages such as green, environmental protection, intelligent which has reached the advanced level of industry. The press workshop has two new high speed hydraulic lines and the largest hydraulic machine is 2000T; the welding workshop is equipped with 50 units welding robots, achieving the precise point of welding and greatly enhancing the efficiency of robotization; the painting workshop applies international leading and environmental-friendly B1B2 water based paint; the assembly workshop uses three-dimension design, ‘U’shape production line arrangement, bilateral supply for material distribution which is a high effective and lean production line, to satisfy the needs of varieties, flexible production.

As the first model of JAC second generation pickup, T6’ s modeling integrates with the characteristic of American and European, dynamic, fashion, elegant and exquisite. On basis of high intense vehicle frame, T6 adopts front independent suspension, rear leaf spring, which can combine the comfort of passenger with the load bearing ability of truck. The braking system uses the advanced ABS and EBD with large size brake disc, excellent braking performance; using some pretty advanced electronics to prefect blend of engine theft-proof system, intelligence park assist, tire pressure monitoring, ECU, GPS and other electronic functions.

T6 is equipped with 2.8L National IV diesel engine which is produced by JAC. No matter its controllability or driving experience, T6 has a good performance. The subsequent products will include 2.0 L National V, 2.7L National V diesel engine and 2.0L VVT National V gasoline engine, forming two –driven, four-driven, single –row, double-row, long-row, short-row, right-hand, left-hand all kinds of models. It will launch in domestic and overseas markets as well.

Since 2004, JAC Yangzhou Company has produced cumulative 250,000 units’ JAC light-duty trucks and 50,000 units’ pickups with 20 billion Yuan total value of output. As the competitive product, JAC pickups has shaped the scale of production and sales of ten thousand units, which has been exported to more than 50 countries including Egypt, Peru, Angola, Venezuela, Columbia and Ivory Coast and become the domestic pickup brand with the fastest sales increase.

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