2014-12-29CRC Legend Was Born JAC J4 Motorcade Won in All Six Stations

It was a legend of the game and it was the champion in all six stations in 2014 CRC (China Rally Championship), moreover, it has broken the record that champion in CRC only belongs to the joint venture racing cars. It is JAC J4 motorcade.

The last station of CRC ended in Wuyi,Zhejiang on December 1st, J4 motorcade smoothly won the champion of this station to become the consecutive six champions in this year’s CRC and become the annual motorcade winner of S2 team.

As the ending station of this year’s CRC, Wuyi station competition attracted the participation of many excellent motorcades. On the racing day, more than 30 motorcades competed in the game.The contestants believed that Wuyi racing track was a great challenge with rugged roads, and low visibility as well as slippery road condition caused by the raining day, so Wuyi station is the most difficult racing competition for J4 motorcade.

The ending of Wuyi station marked that JAC has become the annual champion of this year’s CRC.For J4 motorcade, the annual champion is not the ending but it is beginning, and we expect that J4 can create the legend in the vehicles sales market.

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