2014-12-29JAC Service Months of Light-duty Trucks in Egypt Was Completed

Recently, JAC and Egypt distributor carried out the service month campaign in Cairo and Alexander, and there were 112 customers participated in the campaign. During the campaign, JAC staffs sent the filters, solved the customers’ problems on site and executed the satisfactory convey, besides, they visited the VIP customers-top 5 best selling fleet customers, solving their problems by door-to-door service, and also gathered their demands to JAC products.

The campaign was led by sales manager, service manager and marketing manager of JAC Egypt distributor, and it has not only solved the problems of the key customers, but also created a chance for JAC to hear the suggestion of the customers on JAC products, showing JAC care to customers in Egypt. Because of the dedicate service campaign, some fleet customers made some orders on site.

The visit of the fleet customers is promoted orderly with expected effect. Through listening to customers’ opinion and demands, JAC has deep understanding about its Egypt distributors’ service and in order to provide better service to the local customers, JAC and its distributors has drafted the customers care plan together.

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