2014-12-26JAC S5 Won the Grand champion of CCR

On the evening of 19th December 2014, JAC S5 motorcade was honored as the annual grand champion of Manufacturers Cup-Petrol Group in the ceremony of 2014 CCR. By virtue of the excellent performance of S5 in Mo.he station, JAC S5 motorcade finally won this champion.

The S5 motorcade leader Mr. Huang expressed his satisfaction with this results because it’s the first time of S5 participating such so professional rally. He said:’S5 has very good quality. 1.5TGDI engine has the characteristic of low speed and high torque which can continuous maintain the maximum torque output range under the longer rotating speed, providing strong power; the speed often reaches more than 170 KM per hour. The chassis of S5 also has very excellent performance on the 400 kilometers ice surface racing track.’

JAC 1.5TGDI gasoline engine achieves perfect combination of the three technologies ‘GDI+ inter-cooling + DVVT’, the power torque can reach 120 kw / 251 Nm, and the power can match with 2.4L gasoline engine level. This new model will launch into market in the first half year of 2015.

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