2014-12-26JAC Fire Fighting Trucks Serve Guatemala National Fire Service

In the middle of December, the first batch 6 units JAC fire fighting trucks handed over to Guatemala National Fire Service (ASONBOMD)in the capital of Guatemala.

ASONBOMD has 93 fire stations across Guatemala and serves for all the country. It owns 1000 units fire fighting trucks which are modified by trucks and 2000 units ambulance which are modified by pickups and vans. In 2014, ASONBOMD decided to purchase JAC five units double cab light-duty trucks and one unit heavy-duty truck (HFC1134KR1) for the first time, and all the vehicle modification work have been finished by JAC distributor CODACA assembly plant.

ASONBOMD has very strict requirements to vehicles’ quality and performance which has been called the harshest customer. This time, JAC light truck passed through the review of the fire department professional and technical personnel and stood out from the competition with some Japanese auto brands like Isuzu, Hino, which represents the highly regarded by Guatemala government to JAC products’ quality. Successfully entering into ASONBOMD’s Purchasers List will further enhance the confidence of JAC competition with international first-class commercial vehicle manufactures.

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