2014-11-19JAC Held Delivery Ceremony of 5239 Heavy-duty Trucks Exported to Venezuela

On November 17th , according to the purchasing requirement from Ministry of Transport of Venezuela, JAC exported 200 units of heavy-duty trucks which is the first batch of China largest heavy-duty trucks order-JAC 5239 heavy-duty trucks order from Venezuela started its delivery in , marking that JAC has made a great breakthrough in the exports scale and speed with historic meaning.

Reliable quality wins 5239 exports order

South America market is one of the JAC important markets. Since entering Venezuela in 2006, JAC has won favorable comments and recognition from the local customers, as well as batch purchase from Ministr of Oil of Venezuela, and large transportation company and so on.

In order to further meet the increasing demands of the local market, as well as to provide valuable products to the customers by decreasing the costs, JAC started the establishment of KD plant with the local partner in 2012, and till now, the KD plant has accumulatively assembled and sold all kinds of commercial vehicles more than 6000 units and the capacity of the plant has increased to 10000 units per year with the assembly ability of pick-up, light-duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks. JAC KD plant in Venezuela has brought more than 600 direct and indirect employment chances to the local market and strongly promoted the local economic development. In 2013, the sales of JAC light-duty trucks in Venezuela has passed GM light-duty trucks to become the best-selling commercial vehicle brand among Chinese commercial vehicles brands, and even the best-selling commercial vehicle brand among the global commercial vehicles brands.

In November 2011, Venezuela president announced the establishment of national logistics Management Company, and planned to buy vehicles to enhance the economic development in Venezuela with China Venezuela funds, thus the purchasing of Venezuela heavy-duty trucks entered the preparation phase. With advanced research and development, design and test center, leading manufacturing platform, global resources guarantee system and JAC brand reputation in South America market, JAC won the recognition from Venezuela government. Moreover, after 5 months negotiation, JAC signed the 5239 heavy-duty trucks purchasing contract with Ministry of Transport of Venezuela,, CORPOVEX S.A. in July this year.

Energy-saving and powerful, JAC creates value for customers

After the signing the contract, JAC internal departments has carefully researched and discussed on the local laws and regulations, as well as the contract requirements, and JAC has carried on large amounts of adaptability, reliability tests and homologation tests, as well the strict control of the products quality until the delivered products fully met the demands of Venezuela customers.

The first 200 units heavy-duty trucks delivered in the ceremony include dumper, tractor and tank truck.”Through high quality products delivery, JAC will surely provide convenience to Venezuela people, make active contribution to the improvement of Venezuela transportation condition, and let Venezuela customers enjoy the high quality life brought by JAC”said by JAC vice president as well as general manager of JAC International.

Recently, with forwarding design conception, first-class commercial vehicles manufacturing equipment and craft, advanced test and quality management system, JAC heavy-duty trucks have made new quality benchmark for China heavy-duty trucks in the reliability, stability, security, energy-saving and comfortablity.

As commercial vehicles are means of production, customers attached great importance to the costs. Reducing the vehicles using costs, especially the fuel consumption costs will create more value for the customers, and that is what JAC heavy-duty trucks have always paid attention to, so JAC heavy-duty trucks use high efficient energy saving engine with powerful power, high torque, and meanwhile, JAC has optimized the heavy-duty trucks chassis system based on the complete match of engine performance and the vehicles to make its economy and power stand at the industry leading position, besides, JAC has largely reduced wind age to effectively reduce the oil consumption.

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