2014-11-10JAC High-end Mini-truck X Series Launched into the Market
On October 28th , JAC held M3 off ceremony as well as high-end mini-truck X series products launch ceremony in Mengcheng production base, Anhui. The smooth holding of the ceremony marks that high-end mini-truck with international leading technology has officially entered the end market. The new product successful off-line does not only make JAC light-duty trucks richer, but also demonstrates strong products research strength of JAC light-duty trucks.

The total investment of JAC Mengcheng new base was 1 biliion yuan with completely new mini-truck development and production platform. The high-end mini-truck off the line is equipped with mature diesel power, and also the representative of the main models produced in JAC light-duty truck Wanbei production base. In the future, JAC high-end mini-truck X series will bring the gasoline power version into the market, forming the products portfolio covering different power, diverse levels of cabs and different wheelbases.

JAC Mini-truck Leads Value New Experience of City Short Distance Logistics Vehicles

As the new model keeping pace with the world leading technology, JAC high-end mini-truck X series has an eye to the adaptability of the city logistic environment, and lead the completely new value experience of city short distance logistics vehicles, providing higher-end and more efficient car choices for the end customers.

JAC vice General Manager as well as General Manager of JAC International She Cairong expressed: “we are glad to introduce this high-end mini-truck to the media and customers, JAC high-end mini-truck conformed to mini commercial vehicles high-end development trend. It is a strategic product incorporating JAC light-duty truck core technology resources, and representing world leading level among the same class cars. This product does not only provide high quality products choices for China customers, but also sells simultaneously in the overseas market.”

Jointly developed by JAC Italy, Japan and China design team, high-end mini-truck X series is decent. Its driving cab uses the low drag coefficient streamline design and the no-load height is 2 meters with the characteristic of low height and big width. Besides, it has more broadened driving view, and can fully meet the height limit demand of city roads and viaduct. In the interior, the main control panel of JAC high-end mini-truck X series is titled to the driving seat and all the touch bottoms are conveniently within your reach; moreover, the combined driving panel is legible and the air-conditioning adopts the newest parallel flow evaporator technology, compared with the traditional laminated evaporator, its performance has increased 10%.

Furthermore, JAC high-end mini-truck X series have demonstrated more specific and outstanding commercial core value, achieving more efficient operation experience.

Combined with JAC research on city logistics characteristics, JAC high-end mini-truck X series has innovatively brought in the front large wheel and rear small wheel design, comprehensively reducing the height of the cargo, which is nearly 30% lower than the ordinary light-duty trucks;In the loading capacity, the cargo capacity is 8.4M3 in full load with the largest weight of 2300KG, compared with other competitors, the chassis weight is 20% lighter, and the bearing longitudinal strength has increased by more than 15%.

Safe and High Efficient High-end Mini-truck X Series Helps JAC Become Mini Trucks Quality Pioneer

The off line of JAC high-end mini-truck X series has marked mini trucks in China achieved new breakthrough in the security and power, filling the gap of mini trucks in the high-end segment market in China.

In the security, the main cab frame of JAC high-end mini-truck X series uses high strength alloy steel and A column additional strength constructure. After the security test system tests, top pressure test, its overall structure strength has reached international mini trucks leading level.

In the power, the first release model of JAC high-end mini-truck X series will be equipped with JAC mature 4DA1 diesel engine. With Bosch second high pressure common rail injection technology, this front projector pressure of the mini truck can reach 1600bar achieving more complete combustion, and the maximum power rate can reach 120kw and the maximum torque output is 380nM. JAC high-end mini-truck X series equipped with this engine can be powerful and more durable.
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